Freedom To Travel Controlled By Nefarious Means

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Freedom To Travel Controlled By Nefarious Means

by Hank McGrathPicture-2-300x204-Lawless-America-Can-police-use-your-silence-against-you-Supreme-Court-to-decide.

In January, 2013, I went on a mission to Washington, DC representing the American Biker Culture Center in NY , B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} along with Bill Windsor and LawLess America to present congressional testimony on the Tyler & Peeps Case {heard here} and the rights issues suffered by the entire biker culture: discrimination, bias, stigmas, stereotypes,profiling, unjust convictions and denial of equal human/civil and constitutional rights of members of the biker culture (especially those of 1%ER affiliation) by government and law enforcement agencies.

american-biker-culture-law-library1 (1)

I presented the case to congressional aides of Hillary Clinton and US Representative Hanna, as well as, to the US Department of Justice, with sheer evidence of judicial and legal corruption in cases involving motorcyclists, clubs and individuals inter-related thereto. I also presented a number of issues regarding those in the European biker culture being banned from entering the United States and others who are citizens of US being banned from re-entering the US –

NOT EVEN ON TEMPORARY VISAS!?!us-immigration-and-customs-enforcement-seal-plaque-l

Several months before, an important suit was filed by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation of Westlake Village, California against  Janet Napolitano, The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Alejandro Mayorkas who is the Deputy Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services  
According to reports in an article by ,  HAMC v Napolitano et al. disputes the official United States foreign policy that declares “the Hells Angels, the Outlaws, Bandidos, and the Mongols” to be organized crime groups. This policy also asserts “that these groups operated as permanent organized criminal societies. Active membership in these groups could reasonably be considered to involve a permanent association with criminal activities….”
As a result of this policy, more and more motorcycle club members and family/associates/supporters of club members were being denied entry or re-entry into the United States. In other words, they could not come home, could not visit family members, could not travel freely merely because of an unjust classification in a policy used to dictate the freedom of Americans and friends of Americans.
View the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual here which is now used to make European Bikers, friends and families of bikers ineligible to obtain visas to travel to the United States. The pertinent sections of 212 can be viewed here: Two grounds of inadmissibility

Interestingly enough (and activated BEFORE the recent NSA scandal came to light) this is how the government developed the policy in practice which is NOW USED AGAINST ALL CITIZENS, best told in his report : “Hells Angels Sue Clinton And Napolitano”, in part – “Since at least April, agents working for the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been collecting the names and photographs of bikers who have attended Hells Angels events in Europe. This list building has been accomplished by stopping, photographing and copying the identity documents of attendees at road blocks outside these events. ATF, FBI and Homeland Security agents have also participated in multiple raids on the clubhouses of multiple motorcycle clubs in order seize and clandestinely distribute club membership lists. The intent of this data gathering is to deny otherwise, law abiding Europeans entry into the United States. Similarly, membership lists, photographs and other documents seized from raids on clubhouses in the United States have been used to deny entry of law abiding Americans into Canada and other countries.
The American led, international war on motorcycle clubs is inseparable from the U.S. led Global War on Terror. That war simultaneously supports, protects and defends the heroin business in Afghanistan, the militarization of American police and the persecution of social discontents in putative democracies…” Now, keep in mind, this is illegal data mining against citizens who are NOT committing crimes and are just an independent culture in America and abroad. They ARE NOT of any danger to you, Joe Citizen! Nor are they active terrorists and so on…

If it is unconstitutional for one, it is unconstitutional for all!1545220_10202901871565300_1001821461_n

According to these are the legal grounds for inadmissibility into the United States. There is no ground for association with any biker club, or family member of any biker club or member of a biker club BECAUSE BIKER CLUBS ARE NOT AN ILLEGAL ENTITY! They are not an illegal or criminal enterprise or they would be illegal to even have or establish a club! Both here and abroad, all motorcycle club members, their families, their friends and supporters should be granted a waiver from this unjust profiling policy based upon the severe personal hardships it has caused and each be given  a visa to enter the United States and commence with their interests for freedom. It is their human right to do so!

Major Grounds of Inadmissibility
Classes of Inadmissibility Waivers Available?
People with communicable diseases like tuberculosis Yes
People with physical or mental disorders that
may cause harm to themselves or others
Drug abusers or addicts No
Drug traffickers No
People without proper vaccinations Yes
People with convictions for crimes involving moral turpitude Yes
People who have violated immigration laws Yes
Prostitutes Yes
People with multiple criminal convictions Yes
Spies No
Terrorists No
Nazis No
People likely to become dependent on
need-based government assistance

Yet, there are dozens of cases where American citizens who are members of legitimate clubs in the United States are left stranded abroad unable to be with their loved ones, their families, or honorably attend the funerals of loved ones and friends – simply because of the US Dept. of Foreign Affairs and INS policies which unjustly bar their return. There are dozens of cases where those not born of US citizenship who are not convicted criminals and have family and friends in the United States cannot obtain their visa to visit their loved ones or attend a funeral of a loved one simply because of the discriminatory practice of the INS and US Government to punish them for their association, friendship, relationship and/or marriage to anyone in any particular motorcycle clubs. As terrorists cannot participate in motorcycle clubs – the only thing these inhumane policies against bikers and their families may achieve is the US Government advising terrorists NOT to join a motorcycle club and they are welcome to enter the United States as they have been by the thousands – before, since and AFTER 9-11!

AS OF FEBRUARY 9th, 2014 – Yes, just several days ago – The Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security relaxed the visa rules so that those who were otherwise terrorists and PROVIDED “limited material support” to terrorists may now enter the country and join you – JOE CITIZEN! But, a biker cannot? Someone related to a biker cannot? A friend of a biker cannot? Hell, some bikers cannot even get back home AND THEY HAVE COMMITTED NO ACT OF TERRORISM, NO CRIME AND HAVE NEVER AIDED AND ABETTED A TERRORIST!
The government should be protecting US citizens rather than aiding and abetting terrorist activity and putting Americans at a higher risk. Would you rather have a biker come to town or someone who assisted in the killings of your sons and daughters, who aided the terrorists who killed you friends and family in 9-11 and wars abroad?

Can you imagine being trapped in another country, sick and dying, unable to reach out to your family or be with your loved ones, suffering slowly until you pass away? All because you are in the biker culture the government has chosen to target and NOT because you have actually done anything wrong?
Really, answer that question to yourself!


As far back as 2009, the issues surrounding government intrusions and plans to restrict freedoms of those in the biker culture here and abroad  AS WELL AS FOR ALL CITIZENS were revealed on theBikerLowDown radio with founder L.J.James, Preacher Chuck D. and Hammerin Hank (archives here), as well as in AphaBiker.comFreeOnePercenterNY Rider Magazine, BikerNews.Net and other media sources through the campaign work of Hammerin Hank, Preacher Chuck D. and dozens of others – attempting to educate the biker culture and the citizen so they may come together IN FORCE and stop the government corruption in its tracks.

We saw no support on these issues from established biker rights groups, nor did we obtain interest or assistance from ANY civil rights group or constitutional organization in the United States. Both citizens and special interest groups were more interested in making believe they fought for everyone’s rights and supported bikers and clubs – but, were frauds when it came to defending the constitution and the human/civil rights that belong to ALL citizens.
Matter of fact, the only fighters for rights that, if they won would protect all clubs, all bikers and all citizens in America, turned out to be the 1%ER clubs themselves!

Furthermore, the US Justice Department, Civil Rights Division replied in a letter to my visit saying their review of the documents, HOURS OF CREDIBLE TESTIMONY and absolute evidence of discrimination against bikers, including disabled bikers – as is in the case of Tyler & Peeps – had no merit!



It was shocking to realize and witness the government was freely labeling biker clubs as “gangs”  even though they are legitimately chartered and licensed as a club the same as any other club in America! And just as shocking to witness the apathy of society believing the government WOULD NOT do the same to them…
Yet, surviving veterans have been added to the “government list”, reporters and journalists have been added to the “government list”, Tea Party members, activists and rights protesters have been added to the “government list” …
ALL IN A MATTER OF 4 YEARS (since 2009) !
The American Biker Culture has been warning citizens in America and folks worldwide loud and clear – that the bikers were primarily being targeted as a means of establishing a general policy which would be later used ON ALL CITIZENS!


ANSWER: Society, in general, believe in the dictations of their government. They are made to be this way through school and social benefits and many actually believe they are being good people to believe in the dictates of the government.


ANSWER: Because the government benefits from various kinds of illegal activity and participates in that activity with those groups and organizations which support their nefarious agenda. There are certain motorcycle clubs which assist the government in maintaining a negative perspective about other clubs in the culture who DO NOT participate in the nefarious activities of the government. As 1%ER clubs do not participate and cooperate in the dirty deeds of the government and are independent of government dictations – representing the same principles for freedom and liberty as any patriot in America and worldwide – They are chosen by the government (not by the citizens) as the enemy of the government…even though they pay taxes, have businesses, live legitimate lives as citizens with a different culture in America.



This is proven by the work of the NSA, the passage of laws to diminish the first, second and fourth amendments, the Presidential negating of the constitution with internment laws and so on…ALL FORCED UPON THE COMMON CITIZEN TODAY – But, was only primarily happening to those in the biker culture a number of years ago.

For every alleged dangerous biker or friend/supporter of any particular motorcycle club accused of being criminal by its mere existence – I could find 50 extremely dangerous and ACTIVE agents of the US government (this includes politicians ordering the death of others or the destruction of others lives or the activation and assistance of drug and arms cartel in and throughout the United States). Most recently, American citizen’s have been made aware of rogue IRS agents, rogue congressional members, rogue NSA activities and so on seeking to attack citizens and demolish their civil and constitutional rights. Yet, they have Card Blanche in leaving and re-entering the United States. Why the double standard?

Recently, I posted an article on President Obama’s ties with terrorism which shared inside information on the direct dealings of the White house in  financing terrorism and this is important herein because it shows the interests of this present administration  AT THE TIME I WAS IN WASHINGTON ,DC, DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME BIKERS AND FAMILIES ARE BEING DENIED VISAS AND DURING THE PERIOD OF TIME THE SUIT WAS FILED IN CALIFORNIA FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF and as to “why” Homeland Security recently relaxed the immigration rules for those with terrorist ties…Watch Video Below:

Keep in mind, those you have witnessed in the video have been back and forth to the United States WITHOUT DIFFICULTY and ARE considered criminals by countries like Israel and Egypt who have evidence they are using the funds generated through the US for serious terrorist activity – permitted, granted and acknowledged by the United States. Incredible, I know…But, check them out yourself on google…
You see, the US has been manipulating the terrorist deeds of the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., as a way to control the outcome in the middle east.  While doing so , the government has been restricting constitutional rights of Americans and friends abroad as a way to control and diminish patriotic duty…to destroy any potential for fight by citizens and those organized against tyranny.8907_416984598415613_2032451742_n

And that is what I mean by “Freedom To Travel Controlled by Nefarious Means” –  If the bikers all became Muslim they would have visas IMMEDIATELY!  End of story!

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B.A.D. Biker Rights Joins Forces With CopBlock.Org and FilmingCops.Com


Using innovative strategy,  B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} and the American Biker Culture Centerhave joined forces with CopBlock.Org and FilmingCops.Com who have agreed to be available to ALL BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS across the nation and abroad {who are being harassed by police and suffer police misconduct} as a data and film document-dispensary center LIVE online for public view.

Pete, of CopBlock.Org, said: “It’s great to connect and collaborate. More folks are waking up and standing on their
principle…I think readers will be excited to learn of your efforts, some of whom hopefully get involved…” He will also receive all recordings submitted by bikers and motorcyclists which will be posted on their site, provide pamphlets and various resources at the site covering the DUPA-NYCopBlock project and will brain storm with us in the coming weeks to perfect the creative police accountability project . CopBlock.Org provides educational resources and instruction for filming corrupt police at their website.
Meanwhile, Jon, of FilmingCops.Com, has vowed to post all films documenting police corruption received from bikers and motorcyclists, has set up alerts to send notifications of any documented encounters between police and bikers to DUPA-NYCOPBlock and will be releasing a special page at their site in May, 2014 called “Filming Cops 101″, which will help educate the public and motorcyclists on your rights to film police and the “how to’s”.


The collaborative project,” D.U.P.A.-NYCopBlock“, is a centralized Facebook page, monitored by B.A.D. , that will give filming instruction and information to bikers on their rights to record police, as well as, networking resources for bikers and the public across the nation and abroad for reporting and posting unjust incidents with police.
“These two sites, in conjunction with DUPA-NYCopBlock and our B.A.D. seminars will provide an opportunity for the American Biker Culture to freely post and report pertinent law enforcement aggression and corruption against the biker culture. This massive strategy plan will provide us the kind of centralized data we need to defend our rights while enforcing accountability”, McGrath said.

D.U.P.A.{Documenting Unjust Police Aggression} is a “biker rights to film” seminar presented by Hank McGrath, Director of B.A.D. and the American Biker Culture Center and Harold Bryant of B.A.D. andPopsMediaPro.Com with rights presentations by fellow founders of the Center – attorney and biker rights advocate, Benjamin Rabin, of the RabinLawFirm in Syracuse,NY , biker rights advocate and constitutionalist, Mike Willig and local biker culture author and biker news media editor, Lisa Petrocelli.

B.A.D. is planning seminar events throughout the State of New York in 2014 to help prepare bikers and motorcyclists in documenting unjust police aggression and corruption.

“The DUPA-NYCopBlock project makes it possible for ALL BIKERS and citizens who witness bikers and motorcyclists being harassed and denied their civil and constitutional rights to be able to immediately forward their tapes and video/audio evidence to the secure online archives of CopBlock.Org andFilmingCops.Com for immediate release and worldwide coverage in the same fashion as large scale news sources provide”, McGrath said


Upon notice of any biker submitted film release at either site a “B.A.D. Alert” logo will be posted onDUPA-NYCopBlock with the link and story on the specific news.

This would also provide lawyers, rights advocates, motorcycle clubs, biker groups and associations access to EVIDENCE of blanket bias, unjust profiling and discrimination against those in the biker culture by government agencies and law enforcement.
“With their principled format (nonviolent recording of police agency corruption in a non-cop-hating,professional manner while seeking law enforcement accountability and transparency), solidly established resources, mass amount of volunteers across the US and abroad and easy availability for those immediately needing to document and get the word out – Makes this a “WIN-WIN” power move in the defense of biker rights”, McGrath said.

Please Join us in this project by “liking” DUPA-NYCopBlock on Facebook! We ALL share in defense of the same rights.
ALL BIKER RIGHTS GROUPS and advocates across the nation and abroad are asked for their support in this important rights project. SPREAD THE WORD!
154514_10150914834148189_811864767_n(Image provided by www.CopBlock,Org)

Both, CopBlock.Org and FilmingCops.Com will be credited in coverage on this collaborative rights project in the upcoming 2014 release of the local film documentary: “The American Biker Culture”, featuring a raw look at the actual unjust profiling, bias and discrimination against bikers and motorcyclists – produced by Harold Bryant and Hank McGrath.  The documentary gives a honest view into the life of bikers, motorcyclists, their families and friends – contrary to what government agencies and big media attempt to wrongfully portray to the public for sensationalism = ratings!

Both will also assist in promoting the film documentary when it is released. A preview of which is below:

 ”Crowdfunding” will be implemented to commence with the D.U.P.A. seminars and the completion of the film documentary.
B.A.D. and the American Biker Culture Center asks All CITIZENS , all groups/volunteers and all volunteers across the nation and abroad to be proactive in filming any/all events of police misconduct against bikers and motorcyclists and to help in the defense of biker rights (the right to live within that culture, of no harm to anyone) – deserving the same freedom’s and liberties as any other citizen – WITHOUT unjust profiling, bias, discrimination and corruption against the culture. 

**IF YOU would like to volunteer with the DUPA-NYCopBlock project or D.U.P.A. seminars send us an email of interest to: or contact us on Facebook.

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Highwaymen MC NY Crush Suit Into Road Kill

       bad1B.A.D. Exclusive by Hank McGrath

The suit, Keeler v. Highwaymen MC NY, filed in Herkimer County Supreme Court was dismissed this past week based upon a motion by the bikers attorney, Benjamin Rabin, of the RabinLawFirm in Syracuse, NY.
“Although it took some time, the civil justice system in this case worked.  The action was dismissed.  I am proud and honored that I was able to contribute to what I feel was vindication for The Highwaymen,” Ben Rabin stated.
TylerPeepsbyBillKleinFromMartyMaharFaceBookThis was actually the second dismissal achieved by the Highwaymen MC NY from the same case in two parts – The first, defended by Attorney Ted Smith of Smith,Sovik, Kendrick & Sugnet in Syracuse,NY, handled the dismissal of the suit against, both, Tyler & Peeps, on August, 2013.
photo 3

photo 1photo 2

Steve Maley, President of Highwaymen MC NY (not affiliated with any other similarly named MC in U.S. or abroad) stated in response to the dismissal: ”When you are in the right the truth shall prevail”.bigstock-Injustice-system-court-gavel-h-20900147

Many in the biker culture remember the “Tyler & Peeps” case where two biker club brothers were unjustly arrested, charged and convicted in Herkimer County, NY – One for being attacked by a posse of biker hate mongers in a bar primarily because he is disabled (deaf and could not speak properly) and the other for defending his disabled brother whom he witnessed being attacked by a group of uncivilized drunken idiots. Neither biker, nor any other present, pressed charges against the attackers…Yet, they, themselves were arrested weeks later and charged under NYS Gang Assault laws as if they were the attackers!  As an arrangement of sentencing, the court extorted $50,000 from the bikers to pay for victim compensation or the two would receive LONGER sentences in prison – an act of sheer injustice by the court.

During the period of the Tyler & Peeps unjust conviction and imprisonment, B.A.D. reached nationally for assistance in the case which was covered by AlphaBiker.comSpirit of Bikers RadioBikerLowDown Radio, Hermis LIVE ShowBikerNews.netBikers Of AmericaNY Rider Magazine, ThunderRoads NY and a host of others across America seeking to shed light on the injustice suffered by all bikers in the culture.


Bill Windsor of also traveled from Georgia to film testimony on the Tyler & Peeps case [LISTEN HERE} for presentation to Congress represented by Hank McGrath and to be included in aLawLessAmerica movie forthcoming on judicial and political corruption in America.
Bikers Against Discrimination, along with Attorney Benjamin Rabin, biker rights advocates and club members  Curt ByrnesMike WilligLisa PetrocelliDino PetrocelliNew York Rider MagazineRobert Bar Porter Eddie SorezJohn KalamentEddie Jidoun , Laquan VictoriaNoel BakerLarry Scerri“Giggles”, Sara Maley & son, local actor John Bard and a number of 1%ER clubs and other motorcycle clubs sponsored a campaign to open the nations first American Biker Culture Center & Law Library located in Ilion, NY and began an investigation into local corruption and facts of the case surrounding Tyler & Peeps. The Center’s opening celebration was hosted by the Highwaymen MC NY/!


Hank McGrath, Director of the Center and a rights advocate, actually went uncover with the assistance of local professional film documentary producer and director, Harold Bryant, to research witnesses and claimants and found that the witnesses for Tyler & Peeps were never properly interviewed, that the alleged victim was not disabled as a result of any altercation with Tyler & Peeps, that the bar where incident occurred has had previous set-up convictions and incidents where they victimized others and the local authorities were personally involved with the alleged victims and, thereby, it is reasonably believed the “chain of evidence” was broken and tainted by the lack of actual film footage NOT being submitted in the case which clearly showed Tyler & Peeps innocence! Harold Bryant, of, also professionally studied the bar video tape with special investigative software and found detailed evidence of Tyler & Peeps innocence…Sad thing was, this was AFTER they were both already convicted!


The evidence was packaged along with corruption reports from local area attorney’s given to Hank McGrath who, in interest of Highwaymen MC NY and the biker culture, went to Washington DC, with help of Boozefighters MC Chapter 80 and LawLess America to submit evidence of local court and official corruption to Congress and the US Justice Department.

Months later after McGrath’s Washington DC visit, the “Us” Justice Department, Civil Rights Division sent the American Biker Culture Center a letter stating that after their careful review of the case they do not believe any civil rights were violated (especially with a disabled biker being unjustly  attacked in a discriminatory way in a public place, etc.).
As well, many already established “alleged” biker rights “poser” organizations and civil rights organizations across the US ignored our pleas for help on the issue!!!

When asked if the American Biker Culture needs civil rights protections in the United States, AttorneyBen Rabin stated:
“I would by happy to start with ANY civil rights protections, as currently there are NO protections granted to motorcyclists in NY State that I am aware of.  We have introduced an “anti-profiling” bill which would make it illegal to stop an operator of a motorcycle without other justifiable cause.  That is winding its way through the legislature in NY and I have high hopes for success.”

Robert “Bar” Porter, President of NYS ABATE stated recently in answer to the question would NYS ABATE fairly entertain a civil rights project proposal : “We will fairly entertain and consider any proposal submitted from biker rights groups, such as yours, and from any individuals who seek to help protect the culture and our rights.”: See Lisa Petrocelli’s Examiner article here:  ”NYS ABATE steps up to the Bar“.  He also will be representing the issues of civil rights at the May 2014 national NCOM meeting in Texas.

In the meantime, The Highwaymen MC NY seek complete justice even though lives have been extremely disrupted and grave injustices suffered by those in the club as a result of the case. With the awakening of various clubs and rights advocate groups, their justice will empower a stronger path for all bikers in the culture in the United States and abroad!

The speech by Hammerin Hank and Preacher Chuck DeCost at the B.A.D. 1st Annual Support Jam at the69ERS MC NCC in Troy,NY in March 28th, 2010 says it all for the future of the biker culture – heard here:  SPIRITOFBIKERS


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B.A.D. Biker Rights Gets Its BUZZ On With BAD Alert!

B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} and the American Biker Culture Center has conjured up the interest of software developer and data base B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} and engineer, David Book,   founder of BuzzTouch.Com with business partner Stephen Mercurio  – to develop a “motorcycle only check point” app to be available for download by ALL bikers and motorcyclists nationwide – hopefully, by the 2014 spring season.



“I am asked to make apps for people every day and get mass emails every day regarding specifics on apps – But, your email about your rights project really caught my attention”, David Book said during his first conference with Hank McGrath, Director of B.A.D. and the American Biker Culture Center. is an open source “app engine” that powers tens of thousands of iPhone, iPad and Android applications and is used in conjunction with the iOS and Android software developer kits (SDK’s). The site offers a membership and novice “guest” hands on educational forum where just about anyone can learn to create and use an app. Over 200,000 people use the innovative site worldwide! 

The app, rightly named the “BADAlert App”, is a build which will make it easier to record and send electronic evidence of police corruption and warn of potential unjust profiling.on the roads and highways.BADalertApp2

“In this modern world, in order to effectively defend our rights we must apply our use in technology. Between collaborating with CopBlock.Org and Filming Cops.Com as a film & incident dispensary for evidence and data of biker discrimination to a phone app developed which assists the biker in documenting those incidents of unjust profiling, as well as warning other bikers of potential threats – ALL OF THIS is essential in our defense of the biker culture.  We are encouraged by Mr. Book’s enthusiasm and interest in helping us do so”, McGrath said.

A BADAlert App-Developer Committee was formed by B.A.D. through teleconference with Steve Maley, Harold Bryant, Curt Byrnes, Robert Bar Porter, Phillip Heneghan, Lisa Petrocelli, Dave Tumor Combs, Mike Willig, Hank McGrath and biker rights attorney, Ben Rabin. Their suggestions for the app have been documented and will be forwarded to David Book for initial conceptual development in a matter of days.

“Though we have been behind somewhat in electronics compared to other segments of society, the biker culture is advancing quickly in the technology and use of apps… What is imperative with this app is the immediate reference to case law giving the right to film and record police. The motorcyclist would be able to immediately bring these facts of law up on their phone if confronted with aggressive police.” Ben Rabin said. He is a biker rights advocate and attorney at the RabinLawFirm in Syracuse,NY.

“It has to be an app that is quick and easy to use. I get stupid email notices on my phone all day, every day that waste my time and so on. But, this app would provide a meaningful way to warn my brothers and maintain law enforcement accountability”, Curt Byrnes of Rolling Pride MC NY stated.

“It’s only right that we have fair use of the same technology the government uses to try to hurt us – TO DEFEND OURSELVES”, Philip Heneghan stated. He is the host of Bikers of America with Bill Kennedy on the California coast and a biker rights advocate.

“We need an app like this because the means to defend ourselves {bikers} has been taken away. Civil rights groups and agencies ignore our call for help and treat us like we are the villains. We have to protect ourselves!” Robert Bar Porter stated. He is the President of New York State A.B.A.T.E. and theLeathernecks MC Aces & Eights New York.

“That type of app is the only one I would use rather than waste my time with all the others for games and the like. This one would have an important purpose I believe in, said Dave Tumor Combs, VP ofBoozefighters Chap. 80 Timberjacks NY.

More news on the development of the “BADAlert App” will be forthcoming upon its completion. So, be ready to download and activate in defense of your rights in 2014!

To learn more about visit their site, friend them on Facebook and watch the video below.

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B.A.D. Backs 2 Million Bikers to DC Rally

bad1Bikers Against Discrimination and the American Biker Culture Center in NY is providing campaign support to the “2 Million Bikers Rally to DC” scheduled for 9-11-2013 after their recent denial of a permit to rally on Washington DC by the National Park Service on what is deemed by the center as “OUTLAWING THE VOICE OF THE BIKER CULTURE” in an extremely biased and discriminatory fashion.

Hank McGrath, Executive Director of B.A.D. and the American Biker Culture Center in Ilion, NY believes the position of the NPS against the 2 Million Bikers Rally is despicable.    “I was in Washington DC this year to present a clear case of cultural discrimination (NY-Tyler & Peeps case), bias and unjust profiling of those in the American Biker Culture to members of Congress, the Justice Department and the US Civil Rights Commission and presented CLEAR evidence and cases that were undeniable and those folks simply would not budge to offer support of any kind primarily because there is an absolute government agency approved discrimination against anyone who rides a motorcycle and who lives within that culture regardless of who they are, what part of the culture they are in or how so many have served this country, vote, pay taxes and are the back bone of America,” McGrath said. “We need to breed those folks out and raise our own into leadership of this country. That is how you respond to being treated as second class citizens”!  (More on the story can be found at the Blaze via linked picture below). 1004538_572961026094718_1083343684_n

The American Muslim Political Action Committee had also applied for a permit from NPS to rally at Washington DC on the anniversary of 9-11 AND WERE APPROVED WITHOUT HESITATION! Yet, American Bikers who desire to honor those who have lost their lives are denied a permit? Even Glenn Beck agrees this act by the government is dastardly during his recent national radio broadcast! As American Citizens who have the constitutional right to honor their history and address their grievances – especially at the Capital of the United States of America – Those in the American Biker Culture need to rise up in response to this grave discriminatory act and support the 2 MILLION BIKERS TO DC RALLY who will ride without permit upon DC on 9-11!AmericanBikerCulutreCenterLOGO

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D.U.P.A. Draws Powerful Biker Voice

The American Biker Culture Center held its first “Documenting Unjust Police Aggression” Symposium Sunday, May 19th at Dino Petrocelli’s Photography Studio in Albany, NY before an attendance of over 30 bikers and motorcyclists from various clubs. Image  Hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC and sponsored by TheRabinLawFirm, B.A.D., Boozefighters MC Northeast NY, Steve’s Custom Jewelry & Repair, Adirondack Seafood Co., and The Final Ride w/Curt Byrnes – the event displayed ways in which to document and record unjust police aggression during improper/bias and unjust profiling motorcycle stops. ImageThe event featured a “know your rights” legal presentation and question and answer session with motorcycle attorney and co-founder of the Center,Ben Rabin of Rabin Law Firm, Mike “Large” Constable on being aware as to NOT OPEN saddlebags,etc., presentation on available press and media by Lisa Petrocelli and Hank McGrath, Constitutional Right to document unjust police aggression by Mike Willig, Camera and action video presentations (courtesy of “Boogie”) by Harold Bryant of , Hank McGrath and John Kalament of Rolling Pride MC – showing various miniature camera devices and ways in which to operate while on motorcycle.  Local biker actor, John Bard, also made an appearance in support of the event.Image




The event was filmed using an actual GO Pro camera which was also viewed on a smartphone as the event was taking place…to show as an example. Bikers were encouraged to help defend their rights while obtaining stats and documentation at the Center to be used in defense of biker rights.Image




The symposium ended with a great spaghetti dinner prepared by Lisa Petrocelli for all who attended. More D.U.P.A. events will be made available to the biker community by the American Biker Culture Center throughout the year and will be announced.

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Documenting Unjust Police Aggression Seminar – Hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC

Truth Shall Set You Free
by Hank McGrath
The American Biker Culture Center is offering a free D.U.P.A. (Documenting Unjust Police Aggression) seminar to ALL bikers and motorcyclists on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 from 1-4 pm at Dino Petrocelli Photography Studios at 872 Old Albany Shaker Road, . The seminar, hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC and sponsored by B.A.D., The Rabin Law Firm, Steve’s Custom Jewelry & Repair, Adirondack Seafood Co., Dino Petrocelli Photography and, offers a clear insight as to your rights to film/record and document unjust police aggression. Guest Speakers: Attorney Ben Rabin (Legal Right), Mike Willig (Constitutional Right), Hank McGrath & Lisa Petrocelli – rights of reporters and how to get the word to press, Security specialist and professional videographer, Harold Bryant and biker rights advocate Dave Tumor Combs will display various audio/video equipment motorcyclists may use to safely record an “unusual encounter” – for their safety.
The key words here are: Document Unjust Police Aggression. In the early civil rights days just sayin there was a hangin never made a difference. DOCUMENTING the actual atrocity opened the eyes of the masses from here to kingdom come. One of the greatest tools used by police against bikers and motorcyclists has been their supposed “word” of how things happened. Hell, any pro can tell ya that even at a crime scene most everyone has a different tale to tell of what they saw – The same with the police and the biker…two different perspectives.
A major part of the problem in not establishing equal justice to those in the biker culture comes directly from the cultures lack of documenting the TRUTH. The biker believes in his word. The police have a weird blue line garbled jamboree of applications of truth depending on who the party they are arresting is… and we wont even go there regarding what a DA does with the truth!  It is very possible that just 3 to 10 documentations throughout the State this year could actually cause greater civil and constitutional protections for ALL BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS…
We need to compile data which can be used to show and prove how bikers and motorcyclists experience injustice, bias and discrimination by the authorities and that “culture” should be a protected class as a way to preclude extreme acts of aggression by authorities against bikers and motorcyclists.
ALL BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS are free to attend. For more information contact the Center via email at or call Hank McGrath at (518) 810-1430
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