Request Human Rights Assistance & Proposed Amendment To NYS Human Rights Law

Bikers Against Discrimination
Henry McGrath, Executive Dir.
PO Box 211
Caroga Lake, New York 12032
(518) 773-0167
January 20,2010

New York State Division of Human Rights
Corning Tower , 28th Floor,
Empire State Plaza , P.O. Box 2049
Albany, New York 12220
Tel No. (518) 474-2705 (or 2707)

RE: Request Human Rights Assistance & Proposed Amendment To NYS Human Rights Law

Dear Human Rights Advocate(s):

Bikers Against Discrimination is a biker rights advocacy group established to reform current law by proposed amendments and legislation which would protect the human, civil and constitutional rights of the american biker and motorcyclist.

The contents herein is a statement of our beliefs by experience and research as a purpose for our position that laws need to be changed to protect all citizens,rather than certain segments of society.

In the following we refer to the “american biker” and “biker” apart from the motorcyclist because the motorcyclist rides the vehicle for recreational purposes and the “american biker” or “biker” actually lives an entire lifestyle and culture of being as a free choice of their citizenship in NYS. Both the motorcyclist and the biker share in the same experieneces of human, civil & constitutional rights violations – we claim – as a direct result of their freedom of choice,association and exercise of their rights. These individuals and this culture of peoples well established in american history are not second class citizens and should be afforded all rights equal as to that of others another.

We ask your attention and assistance in this very important matter by the presentation below:

Bikers Against Discrimination Proposed Human Rights Amendment

We believe the New York State Human Rights Law DOES NOT afford applicable equal protections to and for the culture and lifestyle of thousands of american bikers/motorcyclists and citizens.

We believe that the increase in motorcyclist injuries and deaths – the majority of which are caused by other vehicle (car,SUV,Truck) drivers – is a direct result of the licensed drivers prejudice and attitude AGAINST the motorcyclist in conjunction with the state’s improper distribution of federal grant monies to educate drivers/motorcyclists and ,therefore,the licensed drivers lack of education as to the reality of sharing the road with a motorcyclist. Hence, discriminatory & prejudicial behavior of other drivers who possess bias and stigmas against the motorcyclist and the machine causing the driver to decide that the motorcyclist has less rights on the road than common vehicles creates an air of recklessness (on the border of hate crime) that has caused the death of hundreds of innocent motorcyclists.

We also believe that State authorities share legal culpability and negligence in vehicle crashes with the culprit/driver where the licensed driver has not been educated by DMV as to the reality of the motorcycle vehicle and motorcyclist on the roads.

The fact that question {Have you been educated as to sharing the road with motorcylists – quite like “have you been drinking”)is not asked of the culprit by authorities during initial investigations (when the motorcyclist is found to not be of fault)is as a result of stigmas and biases authorities have against the american biker, motorcyclist and machine.

We believe that federal, state and local authorities have improperly and unjustly campaigned throughout the years against the motorcyclist and american biker in an attempt to belittle, defame and disfranchise citizens who choose the culture of being an american biker. We have witnessed in american history that same behavior against the african americans, the “hippy’s”,Jews, religious sects and various clubs and organizations not in agreement with certain facets of the government. If the reader searches quietly within themselves they will recognize stored deep within them a bias or negative thought probably not self conceived against the biker and motorcyclist – placed there by discriminatory and prejudicial propoganda against the culture of the american biker…the idea that they are somehow criminal or that they live on the borderline of criminality or that they beat their wives,do drugs and get drunk all the time (quite like a good portion of police officers in the US according to their own statistics).

We believe that bikers and motorcyclists are treated guardedly and with less graciousness and public service than other citizens in restaurants,taverns,gas stations,municiple buildings, public events and public places. Thousands of motorcyclists and american bikers will attest to that fact in any senate/legislative/agency-body hearing with shocking details. A portion of this prejudice and bias against bikers and motorcyclists has caused their unjust arrest with false charges,convictions & harrassment by authorities simply because of how they look, what they wear and what culture they belong to (seemingly against some secret norm of society). Other affects of this public prejudice and bias against the biker and motorcyclist has caused denial of service,denial of their civil and constitutional rights, treatment as though they are second class citizens simply because of their american culture and so forth.

As had the discriminations of the past in american history, most are unwilling to defend the civil and constitutional rights of the american biker and motorcyclist and are more willing to pretend that each case is an individual one rather than as a class of people in american society being discriminated against in modern america. That behavior by civil rights leaders,lawyers and alleged advocates is as a direct result of governmental propoganda molding as to what is right and what is wrong to defend against for the sake of the common good. Some unseen force in government influences that unethical behavior and character.

That is exactly why so many african americans suffered disfranchisment,assaults,false accusations,false imprisonments,beatings and hangings….each was conveniently percieved by the professionals of the day as an individual incident and with an internal bias against that race and culture of people.

That pisonous human behavior still prevails in both government and society as a matter of social psychology. To say the government or its agencies has no hand in the prevailing prejudices and discrimination of and by society against the biker and motorcyclist would be absolutely suicidal for the career of any civil rights advocate and leader. At present,as a result of civil rights protests,activism,legal case law established and legislative laws enacted – most of our social systems have been instructed to recognize, respect and tolerate the racial, cultural and social differences of all its citizens – except the american biker and motorcyclist.

We believe that this matter so seriously affects an established culture of american citizens who are in constant suffering by injuries, deaths,loss of rights and liberties that it warrants an absolute necessity to obtain professional research assistance for the purpose of legislative proposals/amendments and class action suits to defend and secure the equal civil & constitutional rights of the american biker and motorcyclist.

We further believe that by legal theory and probability – the concept herein being a reality reflects a serious setback in the development of civil rights and civil human interactions,
and must not be allowed to continue.

As such, Bikers Against Discrimination respectfully requests that the New York State Division of Human Rights accept, support and be willing to champion the following word as an inclusion to New York State Human Rights Law by an amendment to the New York State Human Rights Law:

“Culture”  { “The customary beliefs,social forms and material traits of a racial,religious or social group” , as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary}.

*Excerpt from New York State Human Rights Law against discrimination of its citizens and fellow human being amended as –
“because of your race, creed, color,national origin, CULTURE, sexual orientation, military status, sex, age, marital status, domestic violence victim status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics or prior arrest or conviction record, or if you believe you have been retaliated against for opposing unlawful discriminatory practices, you may be able to file a complaint with the State Division of Human Rights. The New York State Human Rights Law forbids discrimination in employment, apprenticeship and training; purchase and rental of housing and commercial space; places of public accommodation, resort and amusement; non-sectarian; tax-exempt educational institutions; and all credit transactions.”

In the interim of consideration, we respectfully ask that representatives of Bikers Against Discrimination meet with your representatives of your office in regards to this matter
by which we would share further data and research warranting your attention, interest and research assistance.

Thank you for your consideration of this important and historical matter.
Respectfully submitted,

Henry McGrath, Executive Director

Bikers Against Discrimination

(518) 773-0167


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