A Response from Carmella Brown, NY Rider Magazine

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow me to introduce myself I am Carmella Brown Owner of New York Rider Magazine a motorcycle magazine for all of New York State . I the 4 ½ years I have been doing New York Rider I have seen and heard some awful things about bikers. This ranks right up there with the motorcycle only traffic stop. My thoughts on this are going to me more on the personal side rather than the legal side I think others have that covered just fine.

Here are a few things I think you all need to know about motorcyclist!

Motorcyclist, do more for the fellow man/woman than any other organization in this country and they never look for a thank you!

I’ve personally witnessed in Washington DC a motorcyclist pull over to a WWII vet in a wheel chair and shake his hand and thank him for his service.

I’ve had a friend who was dying of cancer in Syracuse I called a motorcycle group in Albany and 3 of them drove 2 ½ hours on a work night to talk to him (It turned out to be his last conversation).

I witness at every motorcycle event I attend the respect that we all have for one another by the simple act of shaking a hand or giving a little hug to everyone there and if you don’t think this is significant stop by an event that has 600 people at it. By the end of that event you have either said hi to those you know or met those you didn’t know. I think every politician in our county could learn something from these as you put it unsightly motorcyclist.

I rode with 80 motorcyclists to see 400 TAPS kids, these guys and gals spent 3 hours with these kids and if you don’t know who the TAPS kids are, shame on you. Do take the time to find out who they are.

I’ve been seated at a dinner table with a Metal of Honor winner and almost everyone else in that room was an unsightly motorcyclist.

I have been in a motorcycle parade for our Wounded Worriers and before and after actually spoke to them. I make this statement because the general public treats these people like freaks because they are burned, disfigured, missing limbs, eyes and one man only have ½ a face. I’m sure if any of BID team saw them they would try to pass an ordinance to keep these unsightly people out of your town.

I could go on but I’m sure you don’t care about any of this but one thing you might care about and I hope our state in a whole will start caring about is the revenue that us unsightly motorcyclist bring to the communities across NYS and every other state in this country. Maybe you guys have done us a favor and this could turn into that thing that finally will bring all of us unsightly motorcyclist together to rise up against all of you that have the power to pass judgment on us and elect those who don’t see us as unsightly trash.

Please feel free to contact me. I’m sure none of you will have the guts maybe you should learn something from the unsightly motorcyclist you would like to ban from your town.

Carmella Brown

Owner New York Rider Magazine


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