American Bikers Vindicated!

Less than twelve hours after our network of activists was mobilized, the Mayor of Port Jefferson, NY retracted their attempt to remove “unsightly motorcyclists” from their town!

This is why we need to be vigilant and involved.  WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Stand up for your rights… become a B.A.D. Card Carrying Member today.

Read below to see the Mayor’s statement… and click HERE to learn how this came to be.

A Message from Mayor Margot Garant

The Village of Port Jefferson would like to take this opportunity to clarify a few points about a certain flyer that was distributed around town, which described motorcyclists as “unsightly”, among other reasons in an attempt to encourage a No Parking policy on Main Street.

Although this flyer looks like it was endorsed and produced by the Port Jefferson Business Improvement District, it was actually posted by one member of the District while the President was on vacation, without seeking approval from the BID as a whole. This flyer represents the views and opinions of one person, not the Village, nor the Business Improvement District, as a whole.

At this time, the Village has no plans to change any of the parking regulations on Main Street, or any other Village streets for that matter. Additionally, the Village’s Parking Committee is working on plans to increase parking, and designate specific locations for motorcycle parking, to make the town more accessible to riders. Mayor Garant respectfully requests that all visitors to Port Jefferson abide by the code and remind the motorcyclists that they are permitted to park two per spot and that the 1/2 parking time restraint is being enforced on Main Street to motorist and motorcyclists alike.  Parking lots are available around the village for long-term parking.  Some of these lots are available free of charge.  Brookhaven residents may park free of charge in the Brookhaven Town parking lot, located across from Village Hall.

Mayor Garant has spoken out against the flyer and plans to attend the BID meeting tonight to express her concern with the BID and with what appears to be a direct breakdown in communication between BID members and procedure, resulting in this controversial flyer.

The Village apologizes for the inconvenience and insult that this unofficial posting has caused.

A Message from BID President Bruce Passarelli

Dear Mayor Garant,

A letter was distributed displaying reasons for ending parking on Main St with the BID’s seal on it. I was out of town when that was done. There was NO approval from the  BID’s Board of Directors about sending out that letter. It is an unofficial letter. I first saw it after the fact when I returned. I want to make that perfectly clear.

I, and others on the Board, are quite upset about it. I know personally the Merchants of Port Jefferson welcome the motorcyclists. I am considering resigning from the BID’s Board of Directors. Again, I was unaware of this being sent out and it should never have been sent, period.

Bruce Passarelli
President  PJ BID.


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