B.A.D. Alert – Port Jefferson Banning Bikers

Port Jefferson Mayor addresses bikers

Margot discusses flyer with bikers at a BID meetingAfter attending the Business Improvement District’s meeting on April 6, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the unofficial flyer posted by a member of the BID with the many motorcyclists in attendance. It was important for us to hear their feedback and for them to hear from certain merchants, residents and myself about our concerns and to have an open, honest dialogue.

At this time, the Village is working with several agencies and stakeholders to determine whether or not certain areas can be designated strictly for motorcycles (or not) and clarifying the Village code vs. the New York State Vehicle Law to ensure uniform and thorough enforcement of both the number of motorcycles in each designated parking spot, as well as the time limits in our respective lots and streets.

I respectfully request that all visitors to Port Jefferson abide by the code and remind the motorcyclists that our code will be enforced uniformly across the board to all visitors alike.  Parking lots are available around the village for long-term parking. Some of these lots are available free of charge. Currently, Brookhaven residents may continue to park free of charge in the Brookhaven Town parking lot, located across from Village Hall.

Thank you, and I am sorry for the inconvenience and insult that this posting has caused.

More information on the issue and the BID meeting can be found on Fuzzygalore.com.

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