B.A.D. Moves on Port Jefferson, NY BID attempt to Ban Bikers!

We at B.A.D. became aware of a situation late yesterday afternoon in Port Jefferson, NY where the Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) of Port Jefferson is holding a private meeting tonight (4/6/2010) at 7pm EST to push forth their agenda of banning the parking of motorcycles in their district as well as removing the “unsightly presence of motorcyclists”.  Please reference the attached flyer for this meeting.

We immediately mobilized and sent a letter to Port Jefferson BID outlining our involvement in the matter and our position on their discriminatory actions.  We also immediately created awareness amongst our network of activists.  We thank Carmella Brown of New York Rider Magazine and Hermis Yanis of 7 Hawks Media for the real-time response to this outrageous activity by BID.

Over the course of today, we will be reaching out to businesses involved in BID to articulate our position and request their support in the matter.

Please stay tuned… and please get involved.

You can follow this story right here at AlphaBiker.com.

Please contact both Hank and Chuck of Bikers Against Discrimination using the contact information below.


Hank McGrath

Executive Director


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