B.A.D. Thanks Port Jeff Biker Ban “First Responders”

Bikers & Supporters:

There is no question the theory discussed by B.A.D. on March 28th event is on point – that biker media and networking resources can be used to quickly, directly and effectively attack elements of bias & discrimination against the American Biker…

AS PROVEN in the recent Port Jefferson BID promotion of discrimination against bikers…{info on case seen at  http://alphabiker.com }.

In a matter of a few hours there were dozens of calls, emails and legal letters pouring into Port Jefferson,NY…all into the wee hours of the night…by 8am Tuesday there were phone calls and letters to the Mayor and the Port Jefferson BID board demanding they cease and desist…review matter at Lawyer Russ Brown Site: http://www.russbrown.com/motorcycle-lawyer-blog/893/port-jefferson-new-york-and-unsightly-motorcycles.html#more-893

Also at Hermis Live site : http://www.7hawksmedia.com/

By 9am Tuesday morning the Mayor of Port Jefferson released a public statement against the proposed resolution to ban motorcycles and “unsightly presence of motorcyclists”…by 10:30am the President of the BID Board contacted the Mayor to offer their resignation and spoke in support of the American Biker…seems other culprits were attempting to run the village…They are now in disarray,covering their asses and weeding out the source that stirred the hornets nest of biker rights advocates.
You can read more at White Trash News {http://www.bikernews.org/wtn/news.php?extend.10000 }

Reports received say that there were over 100 bikers who attended the meeting Tuesday evening and the board immediately cancelled the meeting while members of the biker media (L.J. James and others) worked on the case to insure the board did NOT pass the resolution. We expect news tomorrow night on bikerlowdown.com radio. Its an exciting prospect & WIN! We could not let any locale in NYS set precedent and turn back the tide another 10 years…

Our thanx to L.J.James & BikerLowDown.com Radio, Hermis Yanis,Jr. of Hermis Live Show, Carmella Brown of NY Rider Magazine, all other biker rights supporters and the B.A.D. team for being vigilant, on point, and unmerciful in your attacks to eliminate this kind of discrimination! Our thanx also to all the biker friends we have and share with that give us reason to fight…to protect and secure the American Biker culture. Lets celebrate for a moment…and get ready to fight again…victories in war are many…untill its over.

Hank McGrath, Exec. Director
Chuck DeCost, Admin. Director
B.A.D. Association

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