B.A.D. Executive Goes Hungry For Rights Awareness

B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination}, a NYS-based national biker rights advocacy group specializing in civil rights issues,has taken an unusual course in raising public awareness about the “2nd class citizen” treatment of bikers world wide – especially the 1%ER biker and club patch wearers. Executive Director, Hank McGrath, has embarked on a lengthy hunger strike which will be monitored by B.A.D. Admin. Director, Chuck DeCost with results posted at AlphaBiker.com and Bad.AlphaBiker.com. ,as well as, on BikerLowDown.com radio (LIVE on the web Wednesdays at 8pm), HermisLive show at 7hawksmedia.com (LIVE on the web on Sundays at 8pm), in New York Rider Magazine and other media sources.

“There are times when a personal sacrifice is necessary to both unify and amplify a pending unjust issue suffered within our society. In this case, there are individuals all over the world who live and act within the bounds of law, contrary to government propaganda, and these citizens are merely different in their free choice of culture and lifestyle which actually benefits the advancement of diverse communities; yet, are denied the basic freedom of expression, association and the natural right as human beings to create and generate a social culture”, McGrath stated. “All over the world members of motorcycle clubs – whether it’s recreational riding clubs, veteran motorcycle clubs, all women motorcycle clubs or 1%ER motorcycle clubs – are being turned away at taverns, pubs, restaraunts, lodging and many public events simply because of the clothes they wear or as a direct result of remnants of the “boogey man” propaganda various agencies have spoon fed the public via media sources throughout the last 40 years.”

With the help of B.A.D. Honorary Members, Tish Alvarez (volunteer dietitian) and Dave Hine (martial artist & expert on use of kombucha tea/spirulina),who will both review his health weekly, Hank will continue the national campaign while B.A.D. encourages all bikers, civil & biker rights advocates to takes absolute leadership roles in ending discrimination against bikers world wide in 2010!
“Bikers need to bridge our resources throughout the world to put an end to this unjust (biker) cultural genocide. Our members are from all over the world and growing to support the spirit for freedom & liberty – from the heart of the biker culture! We also hope to raise over $1,000 through new memberships to support B.A.D. projects geared to end unjust government propaganda while securing equal rights for bikers and the preservation of the biker culture. I am willing to sacrifice to end this injustice because it gets us, as human beings, closer to where we need to be as a society,” McGrath said.

B.A.D. calls upon ALL bikers and civil rights advocates to join in this campaign by spreading the word, get a righteous B.A.D. membership card or support the cause by donating via PayPal at Bad.AlphaBiker.com.
Join B.A.D. today to lead the voice against biker discrimination!

Last Updated (Wednesday, 12 May 2010 17:59)

B.A.D. Membership is Worldwide!

Written by Hammerin’ Hank
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All over the world bikers and motorcycle ethusiasts are facing the challenge to protect their rights and their culture while govt. agencies create new policies, taxes, fees to extract from the biker unfairly. At the same time, biker MC’s and riding clubs are being harassed by agencies,falsely accused by govt. entities and literally denied their right to assemble, associate or pursue both freedom & liberty. All over the world bikers are standing up to the imposition and unfair agressions…Meanwhile, back in the “states” B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} have been sharing YOUR ISSUES – from Germany, United Kingdon, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Singapore, etc. –  LIVE on BikerLowDown.com radio and through media sources such as alphabiker.com,Thunder Roads and a host of other sources supportive of the protection of bikers rights worldwide.

YOU NEED YOUR VOICE HEARD and we need to give you the coverage and support you deserve! Our position is this:
Living the life as a “biker” is a culture which is filled with positive history and meaning. Your families,friends, and brotherhood have chosen to live an honorable and respectful lifestyle while assisting those less fortunate in your communities. You do not deserve to suffer police propoganda,bias and discrimination because of your just choice which harms noone.

B.A.D. seeks to create an international base while re-educating citizens to the truth of the bikers culture, proposing changes to rights laws all over the world which will protect the rights of the biker from bias & discrimination, assist in letters and campaign in support of worldwide struggles for biker freedom, strengthen the media resources worldwide in support of this movement to protect the rights of the biker and motorcycle ethusiast, both here in the United States and abroad.

Recently, we aided in issuing the first national recognition award for their work and devotion to biker rights from the President of the United States which was given to Izzy Wildheart and the BHC (Big House Crew) who in turn dedicated it to Paul HAMC London who also worked tirelessly for the BHC and to Charger HAMC London who died March 27th,2010.

You can make a difference in this movement by joining B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} and volunteering in support. We want to hear from you! We are a legal, unique biker civil rights world-wide advocacy group and not a club or club affiliation. International Representatives,volunteers and supporters wanted – Contact us at bad.alphabiker.com

Ride Free!
Hank McGrath, Exec. Director

B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination}

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