B.A.D. Hunger Strike Report

For those motorcycle riders or members of the public who may believe (by propaganda) that civil rights are only lost to 1%ER’S and MC members watch this video (forwarded by L.J.James of BikerLowDown.com ) on a biker who was victimized by the system and is now crippled. Study how your mind wanders to find some kind of violation, some kind of readsonable assumption as to why someone would shoot him, not once but TWICE!

For over 40 years there has been extensive government propaganda AGAINST the American Biker culture and bikers worldwide. From the US to Australia,Canada to the United Kingdom, New Zealand to Singapore – BIKERS ARE BEING TREATED NOT ONLY AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS BUT AS POTENTIAL CRIMINALS SIMPLY BECAUSE OF THEIR LIFESTYLE AND CULTURE! When is it going to piss you off enough to do somthing about it!? How many bikers need to be driven off the road – maimed for life or killed, shot and harrassed by police, banned from public areas and denied equal rights to co-exist with all other citizens!?

B.A.D. and our supporters HAVE HAD ENOUGH – In the 7th day of a *National Biker Rights Awareness – Hunger Strike* – to remind all bikers and biker rights organizations to put civil rights in the forefront of their interests for freedom and lberty – I share respect that ALL BIKERS SHARE THE ROAD TOGETHER AND ARE MEMBERS OF OUR ENVIRONMENT,OUR COMMUNITIES & SOCIETIES AND EVEN OUR OWN CONSCIOUS BEING. They are our brothers and sisters,relatives and friends, associates and neighbors. There are more motorcycles on the road in the world today than ever in history and the numbers are climbing fast. There are hundreds of biker rights groups and organizations and biker media sources all over the world that now need to put civil rights in the forefront of their mission and network with each other to empower your forces, EMPOWER THE BIKER with your resources and provide a true voice to protect the biker culture nationally and world-wide…Because the gravest form
of discrimination we can inherent is our own biases and discrimination against one another! Biker against biker, motorcyclist against motorcyclist…
Become easy targets and victims…for the government.
It’s time to turn the page and mark history! Protect one anothers rights
as you will all breathe the same freedom, shoot for the same stars, plan your lives simularly, share the same/simular interests and thrive for the same quality of liberty!
It’s time to put the propaganda aside and believe in each others human qualities…its also time to fight – Intellectually & Strategically – to secure eroding rights that other citizens continue to enjoy.

B.A.D. holds the perspective that if biker media sources unite and ALL biker rights agencies/groups/organizations unite TOGETHER for a World-Wide Biker Rights Commission we would have the power to influence and initiate meaningful and effective change in every state and every country. That ideal IS the spearheaded forefront of B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination}

Hank McGrath

Exec. Director

Bikers Against Discrimination

HungerStrike Report:
Hank McGrath
Began May 8,2010: 240 pounds
To Date May 14th: 226 pounds
OverAll Health: Good

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