B.A.D. supports lawsuit against New York State D.M.V.

The following is a B.A.D. press release regarding the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ seizure of Mike Willig’s motorycle and subsequent pending lawsuit


There is a case where the Department of Motor Vehicles WRONGLY accused an individual {Mike Willig of Adirondack Seafood, Hudson Falls, NY} with a felony for having a motorcycle with its vehicle identification number missing/removed and after this individual was arrested in front of his employee and customers, charged and incarcerated, he was later exonerated by a judge when records and vehicle identification documents were verified to be legit.  DMV still refuses to return Mr. Willig’s vehicle – a 1981 w/a “73 Ironhead customized Harley Davidson, even AFTER the judge issued an order for DMV to return the property to its rightful owner!!!  Instead, the Attorney General of NYS has filed legal action against the judge in an attempt to rescind the order, in a process quite like extortion, with no regard for the citizen’s civil and Constitutional rights; nor the legal process. It seems that citizens now face the same administrative-regime-process suffered by prisoners fighting for rights! As well, the Queensbury Town Board voted to NOT provide legal representation for the judge to defend his order against the NYS Attny. Gen/DMV.

Regardless of the “alleged” power of the NYS DMV and “alleged” privileges they “allegedly” grant the citizen by permitting us to drive and fill their coffers, NYS DMV has initiated action AGAINST the judge as a way to usurp the Constitutional rights of the citizen, Mike Willig, by having the NYS Attorney General’s Office represent them against the judge, thereby senselessly wasting more tax payers monies (I thought the state did not have??). Mike Willig, while a guest on BikerLowDown.com national biker radio with L.J. James, Chuck DeCost, and Hammerin’ Hank, stated he will continue to fight this case NOT for the return of his motorcycle but for the principle of both justice and rights as the outcome of this case will affect the rights of all citizens.

B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} has written a letter to the Commissioner of NYS Motor Vehicle and to the Governor of New York in support of both Mr. Willig and the judges order.  This order reveals B.A.D.’s own investigation which shows a particular DMV investigator who initiated the case and who (ironically) lives right down the street from Mr. Willig, may be acting with bias as a result of HIS OWN personal beliefs AGAINST Mr. Willig for Mike’s outspoken, yet reasonable POLITICAL views on the present state/federal government and that this case has unjustly violated an American Biker’s civil and Constitutional rights.  If the State of New York is allowed to continue to usurp the Constitutional rights of its citizens and disregard the letter of the law in this case, then every single member of the state legislature and senate should be immediately removed from office…”by any means necessary”!

ATTENTION:  If your bike has been impounded due to equipment violations by New York State DMV unfairly, contact me about a Law Suit.

Mike (518)955-4459 {NY-Warren County B.A.D. Rep}

It does not matter where in the state of NY or what kind of motorcycle. The object is to gather as much case info/incident reports and potential plaintiffs for a class action suit against the DMV in this campaign to cease DMV’s power to unjustly accuse,confiscate,auction off,destroy individuals property!  Counsel is standing ready and Mike is prepared to lead the charge with B.A.D. packing the powder kegs! We need to get the message out throughout NYC/Long Island/Downstate/Upstate!

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