“B.A.D.” Work

As we prepare for our inaugaral Support Jam this Sunday at the 69er’s MC clubhouse in Troy, B.A.D. wants to share with our supporters our case load and work to date.

Our formal commitment to supporting the American biker started back in 2006.  Please read on.

B.A.D. Association Case Load Files

B.A.D., borne from Spirit of Biker Brotherhood documentary cable program (2006),gained momentum through shared resources of BikerLowDown.com Radio, NY Rider Magazine in 2008 – to present and balanced into an “Action Team” through AlphaBiker.com , had developed a history of case load files.  We depict notations from some of those files here for public review to show our work and intensity to the devotion in defense of the rights of the American Biker and biker culture.

B.A.D. began to develop as a concept (2006-2010). Campaigned for biker rights projects at dozens of biker benefits for three 1/2 years. Assisted, in conjunction with FreedomAction League, in the reduction of sentence / lesser sentences on several biker DWI cases (2007 – 2009) .

Supported the innocence of a 1%ER falsely accused of murder.

We helped via Spirit of Biker Brotherhood through postive media documentaries to educate the public on the truth of the American Biker Culture (he was later found not guilty by jury trial) (2006-2008).

Spirit of Biker Brotherhood continued to document and share the American Biker lifestyle on cable television which played twice a day,several days a week in over 5 counties and two states for 3 years – while developing a personal and professional knowledge on the biases and discriminations suffered by the American Biker and 1%ER which was primarily created by government agencies.

B.A.D. Executive Director,Hank McGrath challenged NYS Governor Patterson in his choice of Caroline Kennedy for the vacant Hillary Clinton Senate seat, offering himself as a candidate and demanding the “common joe” be considered for any appointment rather than the elite. This caused a media stir which essentially joined in McGrath’s challenge. Kennedy went away and Gillibrand later was appointed. Even though denied, McGrath was the first ex-offender to be considered for appointment in the NYS Senate Seat (2008).

Assisted in the application for a sentence reduction on a bikers extensive probation(2010).

B.A.D. developed the Honorary Membership which would go to those who are concerned with protecting the American Biker culture and civil rights and would provide B.A.D. with advise and guidance in our projects that affect the lifestyle,freedom and liberty of the American Biker. Assisted in the promotions of events supporting the American Biker culture (2006-2010).

Honorary Members & B.A.D. Exec. Director represented the American Biker in the 1st Albany Tea Party Rally – 2009. Hank McGrath was on the board organizing the historical event and was head of security.

Provided biker rights news through extensive investigative research for BikerLowDown.com Radio with L.J.James & Chuck DeCost ,such as the Myrtle Beach discriminations and Sturgis Bar Color Bans(2008 – 2010).

Provided biker rights news and American Biker MC coverage for White Trash news and other media sources on web throughout U.S.(2007 – 2010), New York Rider magazine (2008 – 2010), AlphaBiker Syndicate news (2009 – 2010).

B.A.D. participated in a mock government takeover of the city of Cohoes,NY as a voice against government intrusions with B.A.D. honorary members leading the procession on motorcycles(2009).

B.A.D. issued a letter of warning to a motorcycle event organizer in Lake George who has been known to blantly discriminate against the American Biker, 1%ER and biker media (2009).

B.A.D. Admin Director, Chuck DeCost, began a campaign of strategic networking of all biker media in preparation of civil rights battles for the American Biker – through B.A.D. and AlphaBiker.com, BikerLowDown.com Radio with L.J.James who is an Honorary Member of B.A.D.

Chuck also started the “Known Associate Network” at the AlphaBiker.com site to provide social networking for bikers(2009-2010).

B.A.D.,in conjunction with L.J.James & BikerLowDown.com radio and Chuck DeCost with AlphaBiker.com, gave birth to the mock campaign and satire political movement called the “Breed’Em Out Campaign” – which promotes our breeding out the elites and government officials through sex with their relatives and creating children who will be groomed to take over government positions.

B.A.D. campaigned against NYS Police negative propoganda in media sources through scathing and eye-opening response articles and letters which defends the American Biker, 1%ER, motorcycle ethusiast and supporters(2009-2010).

B.A.D. proposed change in NYS Human Rights Laws to include the word “culture” in its terms of protections so the American Biker would be able to retain true protections and rights from unjust bias and discriminations (January,2010).

B.A.D. Assn. officially held its first board meeting as a functional association on March 6,2010. Filed as a business in Fulton County,NY and established a business bank account during the same period. Proper resolutions were passed by a legal board to establish records for 2010 NYS filing of non-profit status.

We established the Motorcycle Culture Club and the B.A.D. Union within Bikers Against Discrimination Association to assist us in being more effective in our startegic plan to re-educate the public away from negative govt. propoganda against the biker,while joining forces in a networking acrossed the United States and world in preparation for our fight to establish protections for the American Biker Culture and the biker lifestyle.

Stay Tuned!  We are just getting started!

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