Kick-off Speech 3/2010 – B.A.D. 1st Annual Support Jam

One year ago in Australia some of the most notorious, worldwide MC’s came together in protests against their govt. creating the Free Australia Party headed by bikers and has since taken 1 seat in parliment.

B.A.D., AlphaBiker and BikerLowDown radio gave them support from the states every step of the way.

One week ago in France the govt. announced bikers can no longer drive between other vehicles or pass and proposed a series of taxes aimed solely at the motorcyclist – which is
occurring all acrossed Europe today!

The bikers response 1 week ago? 40,000 bikers of every background & MC took to the street in one day and closed down the main highways. At the same time,on the same day, thousands of bikers took to the subways, occupied the trains and shut them down,as well, because the govt. publically stated that if the bikers dont like what they are proposing they can take a train. They did exactly that!!

As of March 20th the govt. took back majority of all their proposed hikes and restrictions. The Federation of bikers should be proud of their achievements.

Those are just two examples of struggles around the world directly relating to you because they were initiated right here in the US by the homeland security and FBI who in June of
2008 held strategic planning sessions with foreign leaders from all over the world like Germany,United Kingdom, Australia,and even Singapore where there are thousands of motorcyclists(as its the mainstream of travel). During this same period in the US and Canada there were attacks against 81, Mongols, Outlaws, Pagans and now Vagos – while other agencies attacked the motorcyclist and independent biker… Its actually a strategic plan to deny the American Biker their culture,freedom and liberty.

Many independents and motorcycle ethusiasts still dont get it… and attampt to distance themselves from the 1%ER to such an extent that they are aiding the govt propoganda machine in their discrimination of the American Biker culture. Keep in mind, while 1%ERS and MC’S were under attack so was the independent rider – who suffers excessive road blocks, fee
hikes, tax increases, charges, harrassment and even jail – how is anyone who rides a motorcycle in any different situation than the 1%ER today!??

They come for the Hells Angels – they are comming for you!

They come for the 69ERS they come for you!

They come for anyone on a motorcycle in any biased and discriminatory way – They have already come for you before you even got on your bike!

Every indictment is also yours!

Also, keep in mind that these established American clubs are a historically established American Culture. You dont ride out of convenience – you ride free as you do today because of the sacrifices these clubs and individuals have made to fight and challenge the government for the freedom and liberty of their culture… the culture we all participate in today!

Some have latched onto the MISTAKEN historical statement made by AMA over 40 years ago in that 99% of bikers like to come to events and have fun and 1% cause trouble…

This was not a statement made with intent to actually seperate bikers in America; although that’s what the government machine compelled it to seem like with propped up incidents and false media reports…which they are still doing today!

Fact is, 1% of your bikers are on the high end of the motorcycle culture because they are the keepers of the history and defenders of the bikers freedom and liberty by their raw true
spirit of biker brotherhood!

They get it – you cannot maintain freedom and liberty or your culture or your family by sucking up to the govt! The rest of the 99% are either supporters of the history of the American Biker
culture or are posers.

Today, a new move is being made to unify the spirit for freedom and liberty – Bikers Against Discrimination this time next year will have created one of the strongest bridges of networking sources in the history of the American Biker.

We dont want to meet the Pres.,congress or legislature – when the American Biker is already the representative of freedom and liberty. B.A.D. seeks to secure that fact by defense of
your rights!

It is a psychological sickness for African Americans to hate and betray their own because they believe that will garner them more freedom! Its a phsycological sickness for native
americans to hate their own brothers and sisters as a way to serve the govt for fake freedoms.

Just as well it is complete bi-polar schizophrenia for bikers & motorcycle ethusiasts to pretend thay are PURER than and deserving more rights than those in 1%ER clubs and affiliations – There is no greater betrayal to the history of the American Biker who made things possible for you to ride with the freedom you do than to serve the purpose of the govt in any way which seeks to wipe out and destroy the American Biker culture.

From the beginning of MC’s and 1%ERS many were soldiers who served the country, with a wisdom & sacrifice greater than the common man. Today, we have 1000’s of soldiers in
MC’S and hundreds of VET MC’S whose members are as great if not greater in character and as a patriot to this country and the cause of freedom than any politician or elitist who
pretends to serve the country. In times of hardship who would you rather have by your side? A bullshit politician or a 1%ER American Biker!?!

B.A.D. calls upon the American Biker to continue with honor and respect for your culture,your brotherhood,your family and your freedom & liberty.

Today, history is being made because nowhere in the country is there a weapon of defense against unjust govt propaganda and intrusion – LIKE B.A.D.

We are developing an entire nation-wide networking of mass media resources in support of the protection of the American Bikers civil rights!

We have laid out a strategy which includes acting in proxy of those bikers discriminated against, mediating differences between the public sector and the American Biker culture, proposing changes in civil rights laws protecting the freedom of expression & association shared by the biker culture and educating the public as to the real history and culture of the
American Biker.

An essential element to our move in defense is the biker media – and I must say there is enough territory for all media sources to prosper and do so with grace, friendship and fairness. We have taken notice of odd difficulties between some sources and must remind you that acts of bitterness and ill-will against each other seriously damages resources for the voice of the american biker. Saying one news source is better than the other does not make one better.

How you get along for the purpose of being a true voice to the American Biker is the only thing that matters. Its priority because thats how you exist – on the life,swet & struggle of the american biker. If the media source does not flow with the spirit of biker brotherhood than you are doing the devil’s business, you are working for the govt. to destroy the culture of the american biker. Therefore, its important in these battles we will have to establish rights that all media sources function peacefully and respectfully with theimportance in mind that each   and every source is individually a voice for biker freedom and liberty.

We recognize B.A.D.’s fight will be a serious battle! Our strategy contains security features where B.A.D. representatives are not privy to private club business and therefore cannot be grilled or interrogated by govt. Our board members are not members of MC’s and therefore cannot be alleged co-conspirators in any govt. false accusations. Further, our active B.A.D. reps are all official reporters,official press for AlphaBiker Syndicate News and other sources and therefore must be released during raids, etc. – Freedom of them Press!

B.A.D. is also designed to fight ONLY against bias & discrimination suffered by the American Biker and friends of the American Biker.

Our primary focus is not on helmet laws, not on pipe restrictions, per se – Its on the quality of life, liberty and freedom the biker culture has EQUAL to that of everyone else in America.

We are not afraid to say the govt and its agencies have become large criminal enterprises – and NOT the 1%ER motorcycle clubs. The representatives of the citizens betray and compromise the public trust and NOT the patch wearing bikers or motorcyclists.

The American Biker would unselfishly help their neighbor or save a child or sacrifice themselves for a friend and brother – But,not the politician. They must always ask “whats in it for me”?

You are all a unique breed of people brought together by reason, circumstance and freedom of choice. You shall not be treated as second class citizens and criminals simply because you exercise the reality of your constitutional rights in America!

Lastly, I had the opportunity to actually meet & talk to my father for the first time just before he died, Hank McGrath of South Troy and he told me at 67 yrs. old that he has decided he would become a Hells Angel or a biker if they didn’t prospect him. Seems he regularly was drinking and partying with them and other local bikers and felt it is there where the spirit of true brotherhood & freedom exists. I was reminded, as he spoke, when I was a lad, a runaway, hiding and would watch bikers roar by on their badassed machines…thinking how someday I would be free like that – to live a life that says “Fuck It ‘ to the system and the slavery and all the abusive bullshit!

I became not a biker, but, a biker civil rights advocate to protect their freedom and inspire that innate hope of the old man who spent life enslaved in the system and most every child experiences when they see the power and the spirit of the American Biker!

Thank you,
Hank McGrath,Exec. Director
B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} Assn.

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