New York Motorcycle Club Shut Down


Do you support the shut down of a military veterans & supporters MOTORCYCLE CLUB?!
It happened last night right here in western New York when the Geddes Zoning Board (outside of Syracuse) denied the Sons of SAM MC application because they would cause an “ADVERSE AFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT” (a zoned area which has a bar with motorcycle-riding patrons operating several doors down???!!!). See the hyped news story
at CNY Central “Geddes says no to Sons of Sam motorcycle club”

B.A.D.’s comment on the matter submitted to CNY :
B.A.D. is researching the matter to determine the way in which the Zoning Board cloned its decision. Our understanding is that when the Zoning Board makes,in part, a determination which notes “adverse affect on their environment” regarding an industrial/business zone (with a bar and motorcycle riding patrons several buildings away!) they should, in all fairness, present a study showing the level and contents of the environment of that particular zone (PRIOR TO the Sons of SAM MC application) and the restrictions instituted to maintain that environment of which the proposed bldg. plan (club) would exist. Then a public hearing on the resolution/proposal of RESTRICTIONS for that zone must be set – prior to application of Sons of SAM MC application…to be approved by the public and then, with proper time given, the applicant receives a fair opportunity to comply and even receives extension(s) to comply. If procedures and set policies approved by the public/residents and town board are not followed fairly by the Zoning Board – as is questioned in this case – then one must reasonably conclude that there is a “hidden agenda” by members of the Zoning Board and Town Board,itself, which smacks of both discrimination and bias against the American Biker. We believe that the community needs to hold a public hearing on the topic of Motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs in their jurisdiction in which various members of the motorcycle community may attend(NY Rider Mag,B.A.D.,ABATE,etc.) to share with the public the interests and culture of the American Biker – In order to eliminate the negative propaganda they may believe. B.A.D. also believes the public deserves that quality of education to cleanse their minds of bias against the biker (just as they received “tolerance training to accept african americans) and that town officials should support this suggestion as a proposal to eliminate the EVIDENTdiscrimination factor.

YOU CAN BE OF HELP simply by contacting the Sons of SAM MC to offer brotherhood, support, suggestions and creative ideas which may empower their appeal! Remember, what affects fellow bikers today WILL affect you in some way later! Dont let pockets of “attitudes” against bikers persist and grow, especially in government!    Call Goon at (760) 828-7547

To learn more on the Sons of SAM MC visit:

More can also be read about the Sons of SAM MC in an Examiner article written by columnist & NY Rider Magazine editor, Lisa Petrocelli :

Email your inquiries and support to:

*B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} thank all of you for your support. To join in support and empower our fight for the protection of the American Biker Culture and the civil rights of  bikers visit:

Hank McGrath, Exec. Director

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