State judge sides with motorcycle owner and town

Below is the latest public news on the DMVs seizure of Mike Willig’s motorcycle.  Stay tuned as B.A.D. stays on top of this.  Closure is coming!  Also, listen to Mike’s personal perspective on the 10/6/10 edition of the Biker Lowdown Radio Show!



QUEENSBURY- It appears the man whose motorcycle is being held hostage by the DMV will soon get his bike back.

A state Supreme Court judge ruled today that a local judge has the right to order the Department of Motor Vehicles to return a motorcycle they confiscated from a queensbury man.

The DMV took Michael Willig’s 1981 Harley Davidson a year ago and accused him of altering the vehicle identification number. The charge against Willig was dismissed, but DMV refused to give the bike back. When the Queensbury judge ordered the agency to comply, or be held in contempt, the DMV argued the local judge didn’t have jurisdiction and they took the matter to Supreme Court.

Today, Judge David Krogmann sided with the bike owner and the local judge, sending the matter back to Queensbury, where it’s expected d-m-v will be ordered to return the motorcycle.

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