Could government propoganda against bikers cause some citizens to disregard the safety of motorcyclists on the road?


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2 Responses to Could government propoganda against bikers cause some citizens to disregard the safety of motorcyclists on the road?

  1. Griff says:

    This is a difficult question. though the federal government may be behind some efforts to sensationalize efforts of thier own to make it appear to the public that thier tax dollars are actually doing something, most Americans are distrusting of our Federal Government. As a fractured society on multiple levels, from socioeconomic to race and religion already, I blame our media for inciting hate crimes against as many ideological groups as there are in existence with the motorcycle culture included. Though disliked by some, motorcycle enthusiasts are not only accepted as part of the American landscape but welcome by most as well. Motorcyclists represent to our culture as a whole what a single motorcycle represents to it’s owner, an expression of freedom in an overly regulated society. The media, in it’s efforts to continously pump garbage into our daily lives all the while labeling it “news”, has had a field day with any person, group or expressionist that are non conforming to the majority. Motorcyclist have had a particularly rough ride with the media due to the consistent nature of motorcycles as representing a non conforming ideology with it’s enthusiasts and the media consistently needing to “create” headlines to sell. The American media is the epitome of the meaning to “sell out”. The media is largely to blame motorcycle discrimination, motorcyclists are an easy target.

    • The media does not work on its own accord…It is an established political source with an agreed upon position between themselves and law enforcement agencies…The media is a primary force for manipulation of the people by both law enforcement and political/governmental agencies who fund law enforcement. The “biker” and the machine are FIRST discriminated against by governmental agencies who dictate to law enforcement agencies to fulfill acts of bias/profiling and who are both assisted by media sources (as a service to the community= service to both law enforcement & govt) in fulfilling that position/propagation…It is by the POWER of public relations, developed in the 1930’s and today wins US Presidency’s thru “American Idol” type activity that proves the point. Large Media sources are dictated to and do not work on their own for fear of being destroyed!
      On that note, It is not media that needs to be attacked – Its the government. The American Biker Culture needs to produce powerful media sources and political positions – both of which will turn the tide on law enforcement agencies profiling and bias. There is no other successful mathematics on the issue…

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