B.A.D. Rises from the Dead!

Got some really hot news which we will update in a matter of days!

B.A.D. is starting a new radio show scheduled for Sunday’s from 8pm to 10pm eastern time called “SPIRIT OF BIKER’S”  with your host, Hammerin’ Hank McGrath. The biker show is a special segment on a new NY LIVE online radio station called VOP-FreedomRadio located in Albany, NY ( www.voicesofthepeople.us ) of which I am the coordinator of.  The first Spirit of Bikers show will air Sunday, February 5th, 2012. News will be forthcomming.

B.A.D. will also be announcing the creation of the first 1%ER law Library in NYS. That’s right folks, instead of having to go to prison first before you get access to a law library to legally fight your case or for your rights – YOU CAN DO IT IN FREEDOM! Thanx to Steve, Pres. of Highwaymen MC New York providing the central NY locale for the law library access and Attorney Warren Rudlich who donated the complete 2010/2011 law books from civil to criminal and everything in between – The American Biker Culture Law Library is dedicated to “Tyler & Peeps” – Two Highwaymen MC NY brothers wrongfully charged and unjustly imprisoned, as well as to all brothers unjustly convicted and imprisoned…STAY TUNED FOR AN UPDATE ON 2012 GRAND OPENING,ETC.

Hey, just a mentionable: Still owe Izzy Wildheart & Tramp of BIGHOUSECREW.NET  their Presidential Pins from the President of the United States! They earned them with their devotion and dedication to the freedom for bikers! I was supposed to send them with their certificate from the President but this new one got elected! No disrespect – Just didnt want it to be from this F#*@king President! So, it’s taking me forever to get them…between running and hiding and fighting and running and being a ghost! But, I am sending them a HANDFUL very soon along with some solid well earned recognition for their tireless hard work maintaining the spirit of the biker culture WORLDWIDE! Believe me guys, Its worth the wait…Chuck DeCost, ALPHABIKER.COM , is always reminding me! I feel like shit,but, being Irish and all I cannot get past my principles! Nonetheless, it’s happenin’ in a matter of next two weeks…I humbly apologize for being such an IRISH PRICK! My respect and devotion to all of you…

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