B.A.D. Empowers Biker Culture Fight In State Habe!

Hank McGrath (B.A.D. Exec. Director), representing New York residents, along with Mike Willig (Constitutionalist), Carmella Brown (Editor of NY Rider Mag & biker rights advocate) and Eric Carlsen (Professor at SCCC and rights advocate) have teamed up with other State Reps throughout United States to file a Writ of Habeas Corpus against the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), which permits internment and imprisonment of US citizens who show conduct which is “belligerent to the government”. The Webster dictionary describes the definition of “belligerent” to be “belonging to or recognized as a state at war and protected by and subject to the laws of war. 2. : inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness”.

Prior to that passage, the Patriot Act already covered the internment or imprisonment of suspected “terrorists”. The NDAA specifically targets United States Citizens for internment – thereby destroying the citizen’s concept of “The land of the free”!

“We are saying to the court and the government that there are citizens such as those in the American Biker Culture who have not yet found equal protections of the law {as do other citizens} because of active unjust profiling, bias, discrimination and malicious prosecutions by agencies and that without equal protections of the laws prior to the bills passage December 31,2011 places those in the American Biker Culture, as well as other cultures, in serious risk of their constitutional rights to freedom and liberty.

McGrath is working with a team of reps developing this strategic fight against NDAA passage from various States which started with Anna von Reitz in Alaska who has been instrumental in writ preparations and assistance. Each States habe is shaped differently – with similar basic constitutional grounds and additional grounds included by each State rep .

New York was shaped (by B.A.D.) to represent and include BIKERS RIGHTS within the grounds of argument, to raise that issue as an example of those in the country who are now being unconstitutionally threatened to suffer what thousands unjustly suffer today in foreign countries like Ireland, Africa, Cuba – to be literally taken away without due process and made to disappear in internment camps…IMAGINE?

Well, Its law now folks! It was passed December 31, 2011! You can review it at link below:


Most citizens recall the last time “internment” was actually used in the United States was during WW ll when over 120,000 Japanese Americans were rounded up and imprisoned under guise of security. The United States LATER apologized to all Japanese Americans for making a terrible mistake, as did the State of California in the case of  “Fred Korematsu, a welder from Oakland, California, who refused to comply with President Franklin Roosevelt’s directive”. He was honored recently FOR HIS FIGHT AGAINST THE UNJUST DIRECTIVE. Read more at this link: http://news.yahoo.com/japanese-american-defied-wwii-internment-honored-230507190.html

So, it goes to show that “internment” IS NOT a conspiracy thought but an actual practice AND PRESENT LAW that citizens in the United States must now be vigilant of!

We offer for the reader the “Additional Grounds For Petition” in NYS Habeas Corpus below.



Henry McGrath,

Eric Russell Carlson,

Mike Willig,

Carmella Brown,



United States of America

United States of America, Inc., aka/dba

“USCorp” and “US Corporation”

Sen. Charles Schumer,

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand,


ADDENDUM TO PETITION FOR WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS – Additional Grounds in support of Petition:

It should be noted, there exists today unprotected elements within our State citizenry, such as the American Biker Culture, which struggle to retain natural and human rights, civil rights and constitutional right protections in the United States and New York State which ARE NOT presently afforded to them EQUALLY as is to other citizens of the United States and inhabitants of New York State. The respondent(s) have sought assistance in securing an amendment to the N.Y.S. human rights laws which would include “culture/sub-cultures” under the protections clause, in response to unjust State authority/agency profiling, bias, discrimination and malicious prosecutions of members of said culture, to no avail.

As such, and without this advancement in rights protections forALLCITIZENS in the United States and inhabitants of New York State, passing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 places those particular citizens of that culture, and other ethnic/ethical cultures, youth sub-cultures, free thinkers and developing sub-cultures within New York State, in direct and imminent danger of suffering unconstitutional loss of freedom and liberty immediately upon its passage.

Further, noted by actual history, though presented and passed under the pretense of national security and military defense, legislation which approved the use of drones in “enemy” countries NOW threaten every U.S. citizen and inhabitant’s constitutional rights and freedom’s – such as drones being used by not only US Govt. agencies to monitor citizen’s but by State agencies, as well, to spy on Native Americans, citizen’s within the American Biker Culture and other culture/sub-cultures within the United States. Drones are being used in various State agency operations to fly over citizen’s exercising the right to publicly protest – to monitor it’s citizens – free American’s who “shall be secured in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Hence, by practice alone, we have evidence that such legislation as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 will be used against the citizens of New YorkStatein violation of the United States Constitution and New York State Constitution, respectively.

In recent oral argument before the United States Supreme Court in U.S. v. ANTOINE JONES{No. 10-1259, Nov. 8,2011}, regarding placing a warrant less GPS device’s on a suspect’s car, Chief Justice John Roberts asked Michael Dreeben, the deputy solicitor general arguing the case for the government, if, the FBI could, under their argument and theory, place a GPS on the cars of justice’s. Dreeben acknowledged that everyone would be subject as long as they were not in their house. He implied it is not intended to be used or placed in someone’s house, but, everyone, INCLUDING JUSTICES, may be under surveillance using GPS device’s – Under the governments theory and legal argument.

Petitioner appeals, on that basis, to the Courts conscience when weighing the issue of National Security against that ofALLour rights as American Citizen’s and New York State Citizens, be they from any particular culture, group or individual citizen. The lesser danger is in the latter.


The State Habe will be filed in a matter of days in New York State.

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