New York Rider, B.A.D. & Biker Rights Representatives Demand State Agency Investigation

Carmella Brown of New York Rider Magazine, Attorney & Biker Rights Advocate Ben Rabin, B.A.D. Exec. Director Hank McGrath and “Trucker” – A NY Club Pres. – met with Senator Patty Ritchie at the NYS Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, March 21,2012 to discuss the deathly serious situation all bikers face on the roads and highways of New York State which directly derive from the State’s lack of proper education of drivers, discrimination by both public motorists and law enforcement agencies and the unjust profiling of bikers by State and local law enforcement agencies as a way to harass bikers – under the guise of “safety check points”.

Carmella Brown, who initiated the meeting with the State Senator, pointed out the two serious motorcycle crashes that occurred in West Monroe, New York, on March 18 and 19, 2012 as reason for urgency in this matter and demanded immediate attention of the legislator  by initiating the unused VH Boards on the highways to release warning messages to drivers for the safety of motorcyclists and to investigate the facade created by NY State Police and other agencies regarding “safety check points” as a way to garner funds rather than actually initiate safety campaigns which need to be DIRECTED TOWARDS THE ATTENTION OF CAGED DRIVERS!

Attorney Ben Rabin, who is also an Abate representative in Western New York , stressed the need for available funding for proper public campaigns for motorcycle safety without the biased motorcycle safety check points and laid out a number of facts for the State Legislator regarding how the authorities USE the check points primarily to raise funds to support their projects and livelihood rather than for the actual safety of the biker(s) who have a right to be on the roads and highways like any other citizen. He further requested the State Legislator to review and support proposed bills and resolutions which favor the rights of bikers and motorcyclists in New York State and to investigate how the funding collected from motorcyclists through DMV is actually spent in creating REAL safety for the motorcyclist.

“Trucker” testified to the State Legislator about the law enforcement’s game using tickets as a form of harassment and how many of these tickets are so unreal, yet, difficult to fight – forcing the biker to simply pay rather than spend twice as much to beat the ticket – It is all set up that way…agencies make millions unjustly by abusing the motorcyclists and seemingly punishing them for choosing to ride a motorcycle!

Hank McGrath of B.A.D. explained how law enforcement agencies use profiling, bias and discrimination in their training manuals against those in the American Biker Culture and harm is befalling the bikers because malicious propaganda has become wedged in the citizens mind that, in turn, creates a no-care attitude about bikers by public motorists – putting the motorcyclist in greater danger on the roads and highways! He insisted the State Legislator MUST obtain a copy of all police agency training manuals to review the policy by which they teach others to discriminate against bikers and perpetuate the process.

Senator Patty Ritchie, (R), is from the district of NY in which the recent motorcyclist deaths and injuries have occurred in NYS – from caged drivers changing lanes suddenly…She vowed to look into the issues presented to her by us immediately…and probably has sincere and good intent….Of course, the only thing she could relate to the plight of bikers in NYS was “I have heard the same thing from snow mobile’rs, so I wouldn’t say it’s is entirely a discriminatory matter against motorcyclists…”  IMAGINE? Bikers got passed over again for snow mobile folks! Fact of the matter is – The culture NEEDS TO BE defended along with the common complaints suffered by bikers and motorcyclist. That’s right, Hammerin Hank figured this out several years ago – YOU FIGHT TO ESTABLISH THE BIKER CULTURE and you will retain rights. You fight over just being hanged – well, hangin will be changed to apply only to a few of you and still you will not be able to go in public places, be denied opportunities and harassed by government agencies…SEE WHAT I MEAN YET? Politicians HAVE NO IDEA and therefore NEED representatives who can speak of the Biker Culture just like they would need (and do obtain) representation for any other culture in the State when an issue arises – to better understand those issues…one must know the culture in  which that issue affects the most.

Now, we must remember – a politicians sincere and good intent can last for a moment and reside as a memory thereafter… COLLATERAL DAMAGE HAS BEEN THE NORM in the influence of change and resolutions to any laws in NYS. Rape laws, pedophile laws, child abduction laws – such things required hundreds to thousands of victims before change would ensue!  That is not to say if hundreds of bikers died on NYS highways laws to protect them would suddenly pass. Quite the contrary! It is by this writers experience and wisdom that he can easily say – NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK! And few would disagree…Agencies would first BLAME BIKERS FOR THEIR OWN DEMISE ON THE ROAD and initiate policies that reflect that blame rather than actually FIX THE FUCKIN PROBLEM!

Ya see, to change the laws that affect the freedom and liberty for bikers and motorcyclists you NEED bikers and motorcyclists – ALIVE AND WELL – fighting the system by bogarting a place in every level of politics! If ya cant get in, encourage someone else to! Make a friend of those in office who ride motorcycles. Follow the battle plans of the civil rights era…Example – once African Americans “GOT IN” things began to change, they got positions to propose laws and resolutions,etc… Its a battle plan. Theory is – IF YA DONT FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS YA DONT GET ‘EM! FREEDOM ISNT FREE! Dont let that “I’M an American” crap get to your head when the country essentially is about mixing the pot and losing the historical and cultural strains of its citizens with a BRAND NEW AMERICA you never heard of!  Just think…if you were a State Legislator – wouldnt you agree with the plight of your constituency and have good intent…for the moment? And then when ya look into it some big wigs from different departments/commissions/offices begin warning you and stone walling your efforts and then black mailing you to leave things alone…Hell, ya agree and figure quietly that maybe you will succeed later on at a better time…Lets be real! Thats the nature of the political scheme of things…

But, what we should want from these little government meetings is to garner connections, obtain information that strengthens the fight for rights and to later on – WIN! So, today seeds were planted in the State Senators mind and the minds of her aides. Our further and strategically arranged communications with her office could garner information useful in future battles… We need to work on that.

Last but not least is how we approach the political arena – NEVER approach it as if you want the change NOW! That is unrealistic, shows you are tired and incapable of leading in the issue – Instead, approach the battle with the attitude that even if you secure rights and change in the laws you are going to fucking fight anyways because the CULTURE OF THE AMERICAN BIKER MUST BE SANCTIONED AND ACCEPTED BY EVERY SEGMENT OF SOCIETY – THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS – “TOLERANCE” DOESNT ONLY APPLY TO RACE, AGE, DISABILITY OR RELIGION! It must be applied to cultures in America! Cut the fuckin shit!

**Like to thank Lisa Petrocelli for assisting as part of the TEAM today to insure relay of information between all of us, transporting B.A.D. to the Capital and retrieving B.A.D. back to the bunker!

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