clubs vs CLUBS – Part One

One of the most interesting aspects of fighting for “biker rights” is that which derives from the discrimination against 1%ER’S by outside ridgeriders, as I call them. From the anthropological view, the 1%ER’S are the keyholders to the American Biker Culture and its history in America. Most other motorcycle clubs are on the fringe of that culture….They fear the responsibility which derives from a real CLUB and brotherhood and they fear being discriminated against by the public and the government – so, they play it safe on the outskirts of the heart and soul of the culture…the 1%ER….by acting friendly towards keykeepers (while making attempts to avoid them) and are quick to deny they are associated with or support the keykeepers of the American Biker Culture in the public…rather than aid to dispel the negative propaganda by giving support and REAL friendship to 1%ER’S.

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