B.A.D. Admin. Contact Info – 2012

The following is a list of contacts for B.A.D. to relay information on biker culture discrimination, bias, violation of human/civil/constitutional rights:      

Hank McGrath, Executive Director and Founder of B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} badbikerrights@yahoo.com        FreeOnePercenter.com

Chuck DeCost, Admin Director & Co-Founder of B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination}       AlphaBiker.com  

Lisa Petrocelli, Secretary/Treasurer of B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination}  baci98@hotmail.com

Amy Dell, Interim Secretary  aedell10@yahoo.com

Attny. Benjamin Rabin, B.A.D. Biker Rights Advocate           1-877-451-2453  www.rabinlawfirm.com   brabin@rabinlawfirm.com

Nasty Noel Baker – B.A.D. Rep, Central NY   – noel.baker@ymail.com

Traci – B.A.D. Rep. – Disability Advisor sidecar4sybil@verizon.net

Phillip “Screwdriver” Heneghan, Honorary B.A.D. Rep CA.             strokerz383@gmail.com

Pete Bickovich, B.A.D. Regional Rep (MA.,New Hampshire, Conn.,Maine)                          Pete Bickovich on Facebook

Jamie ” Tail Light” Slater, B.A.D. Regional Rep          (Vermont & New Jersey) jrs542@cs.com

Mike Willig, B.A.D. Rep. NY – Constitutional                                                                                           Mike@adirondackseafoodco.com

Theresa “Giggles” Boyer, B.A.D. Rep., Northern NY       tboyer3@msn.com

Bobby Tabaldo, B.A.D. Advisor on Fusion Information Center, CA.     usdefenders.ca@gmail.com

Laurence Scerri, Honorary B.A.D. Rep – Culture asphaltrange@gmail.com  www.asphaltrange.com

Twisted Tom Haugh, B.A.D. Rep Schoharie County, NY                                                            TomHaugh69@gmail.com

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2 Responses to B.A.D. Admin. Contact Info – 2012

  1. Jenny Rice says:

    this is for miss Lisa Petrocelli-I just had my daughter get me “The Gloves Come Off” and I just wanted to send out a big Thank you…half way through it and it has made me stop and think about alot of different things…These are some very amazing people you have written about and the way you have done so is also amazingly well done-makes me wish I knew them…Again thank you…

    • Lisa Petrocelli says:

      Jenny, Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words – they mean alot to me and I appreciate your taking the time to write! Lisa P.

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