NDAA Internment Of US Citizens FROZEN!

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B.A.D. Exec. Director Hank McGrath, B.A.D. Constitutional Rep. Mike Willig and B.A.D. Biker Rights Legal Advocate Attorney Ben Rabin have been in preparations for a State Habe/Amicus Curie against the passage of the NDAA internment of US citizens which is now law in US.  Just prior to submitting, I learned that a well known journalist and reporter, Christopher Hedges, who interviews alleged terrorists and does special stories was HIMSELF preparing to sue and was filing a case in Southern District of New York .

His contention was the same as ours in that being an investigative reporter, journalists and advocates for bikers civil rights we could be picked up and detained in order to compell our work product and information on bikers and biker clubs who have been declared as possible enemies of the government under the Patriot Act…As well, because bikers and biker clubs are unjustly demonized by government agencies while being added to a potential enemy list and do not receive equal protections of the law they are unconstitutionally subject to being kidnapped and detained under NDAA.

On Friday, B.A.D. held a long conversation with both William Olson and Robert Olson who submitted the Amicus Brief in support of Christopher Hedges brief in the Southern District {TAP THE B.A.D. ALERT LOGO ABOVE TO VIEW BRIEF} and I explained our circumstances regarding the American Biker Culture and the danger the government has put bikers in under this new act – as well as for any of their reporters and media people (like Spirit of Bikers Radio or New York Rider Magazine) who cover bikers – We have agreed it strategically sensible to hold back our Habe, not bog down the courts and instead support Christopher Hedges suit and at the conclusion of the case – no matter who wins or appeals a NEW Amicus Curie will be filed and B.A.D. will be added to the listing of supporters for the brief and motion, thereby protecting bikers and bringing their plight into the legal picture for consideration.

B.A.D. entered a goodwill agreement with the firm in interest for justice for bikers and the biker culture and will be submitting a notice and memorandum of law to the law firm in Virginia representing the Amicus Curie Brief for their files to activate upon appeal.

Also on Friday, May 18th, B.A.D. learned from DOWNSIZEDC.ORG, whom we are working with, that the Federal Judge presiding over the Hedges case in Southern District New York granted an INJUNCTION against the NDAA and the government! This injunction means that NDAA is frozen – No one can be illegally kidnapped or interned in prison  while the case is being heard. As well, the judge decided the governments position is vague as to who can actually be detained and could not guarantee innocent people would not be subjected to unconstitutional detainment…

Hence, the case moves forward and we will keep you notified.

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