NY Freedom Rally Lacked Spirit of Biker Brotherhood

A very small number of bikers in support of the concept of “FREEDOM” and in support of the Freedom Rally’s sponsor, ABATE, converged on the New York capital today…quietly…without bite, growl, intimidation or true representation of the American Biker Culture. It became evident that the effectiveness of such rally’s required the following:

1. Leadership beyond ABATE’s singular representation and with greater vigor and spirit

2. The necessity for the representation and presence of the heart and soul of the American Biker Culture – 1%ERS.

3. The power of seasoned speakers who move the people and who intimidate legislators with great intelligence and influence.

4. A simple thing as ADVERTISING…

This is not to diminish the effort and sincerity of those involved today…But, it was not a great day, an effective day or a victorious day…Matter of fact, it was a crock of shit!

Because here is how you do it: YOU DONT ask fellow bikers “to behave” saying “one bad incident by a biker could prevent a bill from being passed…” That is pure bullshit! Every man who showed up today did so to make noise, to not comply, to remind the politicians that they are OUTTA THERE, to not beg for rights they already possess and to no longer play the game of the politician. Either you want a sign of force or you dont. If you just wanted to go down there and chat with a couple politicians and share mental masturbation with each other – DONT CALL IT A RALLY. Dont call it a ride even…Just go down there like good little boys and girls and ask nicely if you can have a cookie…tell ’em ya just want to ride your bike and be left alone…cause you are good little boys and girls…or robots. When you also say that “ABATE is accepted by politicians as the best behaved biker group in the nation” – you made it obvious how you have lost touch with the movement of time, the urgency for defense of rights, the demand for defense of the biker culture…you have lost the voice of fellow bikers in the culture…and why they chose that particular culture as their life – To be compliant? Sub-servant? To be the best behaved biker group in the nation? Get the F#ck outta here!

Throughout history I have seen it time and time again when a govt agency or power group would choose who they would speak to and control how you speak – thereby diminishing your effectiveness and transferring power to them away from you and your cause. It also convinces you that you have a monopoly on politicians – they will listen to you and not others in the culture. Throughout my lifetime I have had numerous incidents when people have been claiming to represent me but would never say what I suffer…only what interests them as important.

How could pipes and helmets be more primary over bias, discrimination, unjust profiling and malicious prosecutions? What is wrong with you???!!! That reminds me once when I was in maximum security prison and led a major strike – the 4 or 5 prisoners (I being one) who represented the population of over 1000 stood in the center of the yard with every guard in every tower pointing their AK-47’s at us…we were asked what our demands were and I presented things like unopened mail, no sexual harassment of our visitors, a forum for grievances and so on…But, several of the blacks wanted new basketballs, tv put in every yard and more candy and doughnuts in the commissary! Can you imagine? Well, let me tell you something – I went to the box steadfast for rights and they got their basketballs, cookies, tv’s and candy…while being treated like shit still with very little rights! Well, the point is – when you represent a culture in legislative matters your choice on what matters most to the defense, protection and preservation of that culture should be the ultimate priority – because you are about to change history!

When you fight for rights you are, technically, at war – a cold war, one of strategic importance – that will affect the lives of 1000’s of fellow citizens.  Personally, I would not waste any time gathering folks up to sacrifice themselves in a public display that essentially involves merely meeting with a couple politicians about a proposal or amendment. CHANGE requires first a change in practice…inspired by a change in beliefs. These are not ordinary men and women you are meeting with. They are predominately shysters, scam artists and power brokers. They need to be manipulated and you must NEVER trust a negotiation with them – especially for rights. You are meeting with them BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING IN THE FIRST PLACE – THEY DONT REPRESENT US!!! Most important factor is when you do meet with power brokers the only friend you have is your honor to those you speak for…if its for only a select group in the culture (“the best behaved”) then you will never,ever truly win…which is pretty much the case…Its all symbolic and ineffective… I say, go for the whole bone next time – stop the bias,stop the discrimination, stop the profiling and stop the treatment as second class citizens! In that big process those back stabbers in govt will throw in some candy, cookies, tv’s,doughnuts and baskets balls (pipes-n-helmets) just to make ya go away.

A lesson in civil disobedience is in order, a lesson in leadership is in order and a lesson in rising to the occasion is in order…

B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination}

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One Response to NY Freedom Rally Lacked Spirit of Biker Brotherhood

  1. Torch says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! You took my feeling’s & put them into words! I was REALLY surprised with the LACK of spirit. I went there expecting to see a RALLY! With noise & speakers rallying the troops & really stirring things up! Instead all the “groups” just kinda stood in spots listening to how to go & “schmooze” with the politicization. There wasn’t really much of a camaraderie or feeling of brotherhood it was more who are you!? BUT I guess like most other things it now even applies to “bikers” the old saying “They Just Don’t Make Them Like They Used To”!!! It’s a shame!!!

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