Rabin Law & B.A.D. Release Biker Safety Commercial

B.A.D. Exec. Director, Hank McGrath, with biker rights advocate Attorney Benjamin Rabin, of the RabinLawFirm.com and Harold Bryant of popsmediapro.com produced and released a public service announcement commercial for motorcycle safety in NYS in direct response to the State’s failure to sufficiently and effectively provide media coverage to insure motorcycle safety.

“We have the power to produce our own message to the public through available media forums when the government does not respect the dire need to educate the public on motorcycle safety”, McGrath said. 

The commercial, delivered to the station by B.A.D. Rep. Tish Alvarez, will be aired on public access channels in the NYS Capital District area beginning with Open Stage Media.Org in Schenectady, NY with the assistance of Programming Manager, Zebulon Schmidt on June 6th and play repetitively each week throughout the season.  The public service announcement will be submitted to various television stations throughout the State in the next several weeks and is available for any volunteers to submit to their public access stations in every State in the nation. Feel free to contact B.A.D. at badbikerrights@yahoo.com if you would like to assist and volunteer.

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