REAL Biker Rights Advocates Push Passage of NYS Motorcycle Safety Measure

As reported herein on March 22, 2012, (See article below) Carmella Brown, owner of New York Rider Magazine and Honorary B.A.D. Rep, Attorney & B.A.D. Biker Rights Advocate Ben Rabin, “Trucker”(1%ER) and Hank McGrath, Executive Director of B.A.D. met with NYS Senator Pat Richie at the State Capital to discuss the urgent need for motorcycle safety measures to be enacted by State Government in response to a number of senseless deaths of motorcyclists by uneducated motorists. The meeting with Senator Richie was orchestrated by Carmella Brown, who also contacted other individuals and groups like ABATE to have their reps attend in support prior to the meeting with Senator Richie. The pics(below) show exactly who attended the meeting and personally supported the measures passage!

Of the half dozen requests laid before Senator Richie by the present American Biker Culture Representatives – she assisted in contacting Motor vehicle to use the warning highway signs to also warn to watch for motorcycles and enacted a bill that unanimously passed the NYS Senate March 31st,2012 and was co-sponsored by Senator Kevin Parker of Brooklyn, which ” amends Vehicle and Traffic Law to create a motorcycle safety and awareness component to the required five-hour driving course. Specific requirements would be set by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.”

As far as the request to release public service announcements on radio and tv – Though the State has not sufficiently complied at this point – Attorney Ben Rabin and B.A.D. picked up the slack with the creation of a public service announcement for motorcycle safety to be played on tv throughout State (See below article).

One of the most interesting aspects of this campaign spearheaded by Carmella Brown and others mentioned in support was the fact two elements appeared throughout: 1) That State Officials are of the impression that only ONE single motorcycle rights group allegedly speaks for all the bikers (ABATE) and 2) That ABATE, itself, has had a similar bill sitting in legislature for several years collecting dust and now may feel they were blind-sided by Carmella Brown’s campaign initiative – taking the stance that they also believe they have a corner on politics, connections and so on…leaving no right for anyone else to fight for biker rights – especially as urgent as to prevent deaths. That is a major problem in the AMERICAN BIKER CULTURE!  The culture has redesigned itself and has shifted to a more legal and civil rights defense with a no-nonsense, no compromise approach to the protection of equal rights for bikers. That calls for a shift and redesign of “the old guard” groups like ABATE to consider defending the rights of ALL bikers from a civil rights and constitutional foundation. The last thing a GOOD rights group wants is to create a monopoly on government – having the doors slammed on others who fight for the rights of bikers or copping attitudes that by some stroke of luck and effort a small group succeeded in couple weeks to do what you have been playing around with for several years…I mean, really. The proof is in the pudding. Just say congrats and move on…When it comes to a case like this -WHO FUCKING CARES who sponsors the bill or who promotes the bill! YOU GET BEHIND IT, SUPPORT IT AND SHUT UP ABOUT THE grandiose illusions…

If I may suggest, maybe these other groups with their connections and monopolies on govt can put some pressure and instruction on the Commissioner of DMV who will take forever to establish the educational material in manuals as instructed by the bill passage.

Its a movement, its a revolution, its a fight for rights – Push on and defend the rights of all rather than a few with a few…for a few feel good moments!

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One Response to REAL Biker Rights Advocates Push Passage of NYS Motorcycle Safety Measure

  1. Bill says:

    We have scheduled a share the road program at the local driver-ed classes this year doing 2 different districts next year 5 or 6 plus our awareness signs and banners. If anyone is interested have them contact me

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