1%ER Recognized at Legion Pig Roast

There is no greater aspect of public relations achievement than in a bikers positive influence representing the heart and soul of the American Biker Culture…As in the case of Curt Byrnes, Road Captain of the Rolling Pride MC , who was recognized by the Sons of the American Legion as an Honorary Staff Member at the American Legion – Post 91 in Mechanicsville, NY, during the legion pig roast, August 4th.

Curt, who proudly is a 1%ER, an Irishman and creator of  “The Final Ride” in honor to those who pass from the biker world has been working on various projects with and in support of veterans and the American Legion, including biker club events such as the 2012 B.A.D. Rise From The Dead Speech & Rolling Pride MC Anniversary Party.

Curt Byrnes is also an Honorary Member of B.A.D. and has been an outspoken advocate of biker rights as a regular guest co-host on the Spirit of Bikers Radio with fellow Irishman and biker culture rights warlord, Hammerin Hank McGrath, who also attended the Legion Pig Roast event.

Initially, there was a degree of reservation by some legion members who were not as familiar with the biker culture.

Today, because of the inter-workings and brotherhood initiated by Curt and the Rolling Pride MC (Pres. Eddie,VP Polar Bear,Junior,etc.) with the Sons of the American Legion -Post 91 – a greater understanding, acceptance and support for the biker culture has been achieved.The Legion Pig Roast was sponsored by the Sons of  the American Legion with pig cookers Tiger and Biker Mike, Cowboy and George Weber, with Jason & Shane and other Post 91 Legion Staff, Women’s Auxiliary and volunteers who gave their time to support what turned out to be a great event!

Entertainment was as prime as the PIG with “Not Right” jamming rock, country and blues with the smooth, rich and enticing vocals of the extremely talented Kari Greenleaf.

The popular E.B. JEB also jammed hard Southern Rock/R&B

And dont you know,I found Ike from the badass rock band “CARDIAC NOOSE” on the prowl for the party standing behind a good Legion Brother, Jason!

Family, Friends & Supporters danced and partied in appreciation for the Staff, volunteers and members of the Sons of the American
Legion Post 91. 

Thanx to Curt Byrnes and the Rolling Pride MC, the  American Legion Lt. Fred H. Clark Post 91. 427 S. Main St,MechanicvilleNY  (Phone: 518-664-5333) is BIKER FRIENDLY and open to your club project or event! Give them a call and SUPPORT YOUR VETERANS!

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