American Biker Culture Law Library & Resource Center

The American Biker Culture Law Library & Resource Center, founded by B.A.D.{Bikers Against Discrimination} and Attorney Benjamin Rabin, will be an educational resource for the public and biker community and will serve those in the biker culture – clubs, bikers/motorcyclists and their families who unjustly suffer bias, profiling, discrimination and malicious prosecutions based upon their cultural associations/affiliations and lifestyle in violation of their human, civil and constitutional rights.

The ABC Law Library offers:
*Free Legal and cultural research facility w/computer,books and study area

*Free legal consultation & referrals

*Free law clerk & basic Constitution certificate course

*Free Legislative certificate course

*American Biker Culture resources

*Biker disability & Veteran resources

*Biker Culture Sensitivity Training Team

American Biker Culture Law Library Interim Committee members are:

Hank McGrath, Chair

Attorney Ben Rabin, Co-Chair

Mike Willig, Constitution Adviser

John Cokos, Pro Se Adviser

Dave Tumor Combs, Disability Adviser

Robert Tabaldo, Culture Information Specialist

Johnita DeMatteo, Cultural Adviser

Laurence Scerri & Flash Productions, Cultural Arts Advisers

Actor John Bard, Cultural Advisor

Theresa Giggles Boyer, Legislative Advocate

Lisa Petrocelli & Harold Bryant, Media Advisers

Noel Baker, Cultural Historian

Robert “Bar” Porter, Legislative Adviser

Roads Scribes of America, Cultural Advisers

Paul W. Cote, Legal Adviser

Professor Eric Carlson, Psych. Adviser

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