B.A.D. Attacks “Failure To Yield” Politics

The American Biker Culture Center and B.A.D. {Bikers Against Discrimination} formed a special investigation team which met on Wednesday, November 21st,2012 to discuss drafting of a bill in legacy to the victims with reps of the family of the late Stephan L. Susee,24, who,along with his passenger Shirley Anne Waite,19, were both killed by a reckless driver in Washington County,NY on June 9th,2012 while riding a motorcycle. The Center had received an update on the case from Rich & Judith Loebel via B.A.D. Secretary, Lisa Petrocell and the Center immediately made contact with the families of both victims, as well as the Waite family attorney and biker rights advocate, Tim O’Connor in Albany, who gave his support.

As a matter of note: The caged driver, JeanneMarie Reid,48, was ticketed for failure to yield – even though evidence shows Ms. Reid has stated she “did not see them”. Point is, that staement in any other court or vehicle incident where death or grave injury derive constitutes “NEGLIGENCE” by admission….Negligent homicide, manslaughter, reckless driving,reckless endangerment and so on…BUT, NOT APPLICABLE IN THE DEATH OF A MOTORCYCLIST!?!


The Susee/Waite Bill Team discussed a draft which would create greater penalties and punishments for causing the death of a motorcyclist beyond traffic violation (such as exists with Reckless Endangerment 1st Degree-Felony and Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree-Misdemeanor which is applicable to traffic offenses in NYS today). Attorney Ben Rabin is presently in the drafting stage of this bill to be proposed soon to the state legislature – which would be a legacy for all biker victims in the State of New York

The Team consisted of Hank McGrath,Exec. Director of B.A.D. and Center founder,Attorney and Center co-founder Ben Rabin(via phone conference), Robert “Bar” Porter, Pres. of Albany Chap. ABATE and member of Leathernecks MC, Curt Byrnes- Road Captain of Rolling Pride MC, Laurie Kokinda-Biker Rights Advocate, Dave “Tumor” Combs-Center Disability Adviser & Boozefighter(Chap 80), Mike Willig – BAD Rep & Center Constitutional Adviser and Theresa “Giggles” Boyer-Center Legislative Rep. who assisted in “leaving the light on for us”…







The Center & B.A.D. is in the process of contacting the NYS District Attorney’s Association and others to specifically support and back a Susee/Waite Bill to protect those in the American Biker Culture from senseless and reckless murders on the highways and roads. To NOT have such laws in place is a serious travesty of justice and has B.A.D. biker rights advocate and host of Spirit of Bikers Radio, Hank McGrath, seriously question not only the intent of those who represent law in this state, but, also the effectiveness and misdirection of State Reps. in such groups as A.B.A.T.E. who have existed for over 40 years and have not achieved passage of a bill to ACTUALLY protect the lives of those motorcyclists on NY roads and highways…”I dont give a flying fuck if my statements of fact and reality piss off the law,the government and those like State Reps. of A.B.A.T.E. who dance and grovel and lick the shoes of those in the government!  I am talking about how you and I or anyone can go “biker hunting” right now,kill a few and ONLY get a ticket for failure to yeild!?! THAT MEANS IT IS PRACTICALLY LEGAL IN NYS TO KILL,MURDER & MAIM A BIKER!!! It’s no different than getting caught with a couple joints in your ;pocket and getting an appearance ticket and a small fine!  When I spoke with NYS Senator Richie on this issue several months ago (with Ben Rabin, Carmella Brown & Trucker) I stated that what politicians need is several hundred more dead before REAL LEGISLATION is passed to protect those in the culture.  They dont get it – because advlocacy groups have failed to rock their boots,failed to be a justifiable threat and failed to flex their citizenship rights to COMPEL political attention on issues such as this.

In the s;pirit of all those who have died senselessly (believing YOU were really representing them) I publically call upon all alleged biker rights groups to come together on this issue and fight to see ;protective legislation being passed – by being a united force.  Change your tactics to be more effective and be ready to be more radical! Bikers are not second class citizens who are exempt from common laws governing society – regardless of patch, affiliation or mode of transpo! Start representing for real with some heart and fight into this. B.A.D. does – what are you scared of??”, McGrath stated.

In reference to this case and matter check out the following stories which show variations : http://www.news10.com/story/18749711/two-dead

An example of how motorcyclists are treated differently in a simular but twisted case (This guy gets the manslaughter and his girlfriend who actually ran over and killed the bicyclist gets only DWI): http://www.13wham.com/news/local/story/scerbo-fatal-crash-boyum/qmVYbXHPkkSbx52XUKwa-Q.cspx

Different when a bicycle rider is killed(Reckeless endangerment,etc): http://www.news10.com/story/20175104/man-hits-kills-bicyclist-while-evading-traffic-stop

MUCH DIFFERENT if you are an ilegal immigrant who kills a motlorcyclist (death of the biker is outweighed by political manuevers!)  http://www.cis.org/vaughan/dhs-gives-some-criminals-permanent-protected-status

An update on this case and matter will be forthcoming…



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