Biker Rights Advocate Sues NYS DMV

Mike Willig, B.A.D. biker rights advocate and adviser with the American Biker Culture Center in Ilion, NY has filed a federal lawsuit against NYS DMV over the unjust and illegal confiscation of his motorcycle by DMV in 2009, as well as for serious violations to his civil and constitutional rights.MikeWillig

Mr. Willig, who also co-hosts the Spirit of Bikers Radio show with his “constitution segment”, believes he was targeted by DMV investigators primarily because of their bias against those who ride motorcycle and the fact he is a common local voice at political meetings where he is compelled by conscience to remind them of their procedural violations or ignorance in application of the constitution during their decision making process. Hence, a great part of their agression against him was to unjustly and unconstitutionally silence him. The result of their acts was quite the contrary.

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Mr. Willig will be offering a basic course on the constitution through the American Biker Culture Center in 2013. To stay abreast visit the Center at:

We congratulate Mr. Willig on his legal pursuit on an important constitutional level for the protection of everyone’s rights rather than just his own. A great portion of the monetary aspect in the suit is what is called “punitive damages” – a punishment against DMV for their blantant violation of citizens rights and is used in suits to warn other agencies to refrain from same/simular vilolations against others. As well, a federal suit sets precedent across the country with the same warning – STOP STEALING PEOPLE’S PROPERTY,VIOLATING THEIR RIGHTS AND ACTING AS IF YOU ARE ABOVE ALL WHO YOU SERVE!

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