Hank McGrath Appointed As State Rep.


Hank McGrath, Exec. Director of B.A.D. Assn. and the American Biker Culture Center, has recently been appointed as NY State Coordinator by the Lawless America Campaign to end judicial and political corruption. The campaign is on fire across the United States led by former Georgia Congressional cadidate, Bill Windsor. McGrath, who also promotes LawlessAmerica.com each week on VOP-FreedomRadio will work with two other co-coordinators located in NYC and another section of the State to coordinate campaigns at the capital and courthouses throughout the State of New York in 2013.

“We have a way to combine the work of Lawless America with the civil rights projects of the Americxan Biker Culture Center as an affiliate. 2013 is the year for strategic battles in defense of those in the biker culture which ,in turn, will translate to the defense of ALL CITIZENS”, McGrath stated.AmericanBikerCulutreCenterLOGO

In 2012 Lawless America travelled across the US taking testimony from those who suffered corruption – traveling to Central New York on behalf of B.A.D. to visit the Highwaymen MC NY to take congressional testimony from the family of the “Tyler & Peeps” case. You can review the testimony here at the American Biker Culture site: http://americanbikerculture.wix.com/bad#!testimony

McGrath will be meeting with Bill Windsor and team to present the testimony to the US Congress in Washington DC Feb. 4th thru the 7th, 2013. He will also be meeting with the US Civil Rights Division in Washington DC to state the case of bias and discrimination against those in the American Biker Culture. With him will be the B.A.D. Admin. Director and Gen. Manager of Alphabiker.com , Preacher Chuck De Cost, a long time biker rights advocate and biker media pioneer. A LIVE FROM WASHINGTON “Spirit of Bikers Radio” special will aire to cover the event.

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