Biker Birthday Bash Marks 68!

Lil Joe Ricciardi held his 68th birthday bash at Andrews Bar & Grille at 160 W. Fulton St., Gloversville, New York attended by a host of “biker supporters” with family and friends.022_640x480Lil Joe, somewhat of a historical icon in the biker culture set and a long time biker rights advocate, received a lifetime membership in B.A.D. Assn. from the Exec. Director, Hank McGrath during the event. “I am glad I gave my life to this culture, the many friends and associates I have had from the east coast to the west coast. I have no regrets. Bikers are some of the greatest people I have ever known”, Lil Joe stated during the presentation.

j_frstbike Lil Joe Ricciardi developed a well visited biker museum located in Caroga Lake, New York that shows his life and devotion to the American Biker Culture. You can read more about Joe and the museum here:

Folks can view the pictures from the birthday bash at the facebook page of Colleen Ricciardi. We here at the American Biker Culture Center extend our very best and congratulations to Lil Joe Ricciardi!


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