Documenting Unjust Police Aggression Seminar – Hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC

Truth Shall Set You Free
by Hank McGrath
The American Biker Culture Center is offering a free D.U.P.A. (Documenting Unjust Police Aggression) seminar to ALL bikers and motorcyclists on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 from 1-4 pm at Dino Petrocelli Photography Studios at 872 Old Albany Shaker Road, . The seminar, hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC and sponsored by B.A.D., The Rabin Law Firm, Steve’s Custom Jewelry & Repair, Adirondack Seafood Co., Dino Petrocelli Photography and, offers a clear insight as to your rights to film/record and document unjust police aggression. Guest Speakers: Attorney Ben Rabin (Legal Right), Mike Willig (Constitutional Right), Hank McGrath & Lisa Petrocelli – rights of reporters and how to get the word to press, Security specialist and professional videographer, Harold Bryant and biker rights advocate Dave Tumor Combs will display various audio/video equipment motorcyclists may use to safely record an “unusual encounter” – for their safety.
The key words here are: Document Unjust Police Aggression. In the early civil rights days just sayin there was a hangin never made a difference. DOCUMENTING the actual atrocity opened the eyes of the masses from here to kingdom come. One of the greatest tools used by police against bikers and motorcyclists has been their supposed “word” of how things happened. Hell, any pro can tell ya that even at a crime scene most everyone has a different tale to tell of what they saw – The same with the police and the biker…two different perspectives.
A major part of the problem in not establishing equal justice to those in the biker culture comes directly from the cultures lack of documenting the TRUTH. The biker believes in his word. The police have a weird blue line garbled jamboree of applications of truth depending on who the party they are arresting is… and we wont even go there regarding what a DA does with the truth!  It is very possible that just 3 to 10 documentations throughout the State this year could actually cause greater civil and constitutional protections for ALL BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS…
We need to compile data which can be used to show and prove how bikers and motorcyclists experience injustice, bias and discrimination by the authorities and that “culture” should be a protected class as a way to preclude extreme acts of aggression by authorities against bikers and motorcyclists.
ALL BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLISTS are free to attend. For more information contact the Center via email at or call Hank McGrath at (518) 810-1430
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