D.U.P.A. Draws Powerful Biker Voice

The American Biker Culture Center held its first “Documenting Unjust Police Aggression” Symposium Sunday, May 19th at Dino Petrocelli’s Photography Studio in Albany, NY before an attendance of over 30 bikers and motorcyclists from various clubs. Image  Hosted by Hold Our Own Destiny MC and sponsored by TheRabinLawFirm, B.A.D., Boozefighters MC Northeast NY, Steve’s Custom Jewelry & Repair, Adirondack Seafood Co., PopsMediaPro.com and The Final Ride w/Curt Byrnes – the event displayed ways in which to document and record unjust police aggression during improper/bias and unjust profiling motorcycle stops. ImageThe event featured a “know your rights” legal presentation and question and answer session with motorcycle attorney and co-founder of the Center,Ben Rabin of Rabin Law Firm, Mike “Large” Constable on being aware as to NOT OPEN saddlebags,etc., presentation on available press and media by Lisa Petrocelli and Hank McGrath, Constitutional Right to document unjust police aggression by Mike Willig, Camera and action video presentations (courtesy of “Boogie”) by Harold Bryant of popsmediapro.com , Hank McGrath and John Kalament of Rolling Pride MC – showing various miniature camera devices and ways in which to operate while on motorcycle.  Local biker actor, John Bard, also made an appearance in support of the event.Image




The event was filmed using an actual GO Pro camera which was also viewed on a smartphone as the event was taking place…to show as an example. Bikers were encouraged to help defend their rights while obtaining stats and documentation at the Center to be used in defense of biker rights.Image




The symposium ended with a great spaghetti dinner prepared by Lisa Petrocelli for all who attended. More D.U.P.A. events will be made available to the biker community by the American Biker Culture Center throughout the year and will be announced.

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