About B.A.D.

“Bikers Against Discrimination (B.A.D.) seeks to end discrimination against the American Biker by use of investigative research, legal resources, and documentation of actual incidents for legal and legislative pursuits in the protection of the American Biker.”

 – Hank McGrath, Exec.Director, Bikers Against Discrimination

The concept of fighting biker discrimination through B.A.D. has the support of New York Rider Magazine, Alpha Biker dot Com, and Spirit of Bikers, as well as established law firms and biker rights groups across the United States.

The B.A.D. Perspective…

Bikers Against Discrimination (B.A.D.), a special legal/legislative project created by Spirit of Biker Brotherhood, is focused solely on the aspects of discrimination against the American Biker. There are many types and acts of discrimination – using stereotypes and biases against a group of people in order to bar them from participation in society with freedom and liberty and to punish them as if they are second class citizens and unworthy of established civil and constitutional protections equal to all others in America.

Bikers are gradually dictated to as to what they can and cannot wear, are banned from businesses and establishments, not properly represented in government, campaigned against by government agencies using the media as a tool of enforcement to manipulate society into believing bikers are criminals and of ill intent and so on. In every aspect of society there are groups,associations and clubs. None suffer barriers intently initiated by government more than motorcycle clubs and none have their political representatives turn their backs on them more than they do to the american biker and motorcycle clubs.

If we accepted the premise that a few wrong acts discredit and disfranchise the american biker and MC then we must also accept that a rogue or crooked cop should cause the entire police force to be disbanded or the crooked judge should be cause for closing down the
court house or the crooked politician should be cause to close down and disfranchise the state legislature and so on…Sound insane? Well, look at the reality there. If the same standard and excuse used against the American Biker and MC’s does not apply to all other segments of society – In America THATS DISCRIMINATION! Period!

B.A.D. seeks to solely attack that perspective,those standards used by government and the process by which the American Biker is perceived by the american public. To do that we need to develop statistics,surveys for mass public awareness/response and propose new legislation using our research in order to include the American Biker with equal rights
as all americans have.

B.A.D. looks at things from a different angle. Example: biker is stopped and ticketed for dwi. Most would say,”he should have not been drinking”…B.A.D. has no interest in the actuality of the dwi…Our interest is in the fact we find the stop was made NOT for any traffic infraction but because the biker had patches on. Thats like stopping a car because the driver is black! UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE!

Therefore, the charge and offense would not have happened if the biker was not being stereotyped and harassed by the police(not to mention the fact the biker only JUST HAD TWO BEERS 15 MINUTES AGO!). The DWI is for the lawyer,the discrimination is for B.A.D.

Historically, we have not had statistics,research and data which show an absolute pattern of discrimination against bikers in specific areas. Just word of mouth and comments made between bikers. B.A.D. seeks to take on the task to develop data proving a pattern of discrimination because such data is necessary to win legal cases and pass legislation protecting the american biker.

So,we need to release surveys and develop statistics – create a think tank which will develop proposed legislation. Apart from ones membership in any group or segment of the biker society, we need the support of ALL motorcycle riders, “bikers” (those who ride as lifestyle) and MC’s in this campaign to secure biker rights before the government goes too far. Much of society is asleep and like sheep believe the govenment will take care of things for them. B.A.D. understands the govt will take care of only themselves unless they are put on spot with PROOF that the system is geared to disfranchise and discriminate against certain groups in society like the American Biker.

B.A.D. doesnt care why they do it – we only care that it is being done and therefore needs to cease…

A man carries himself as he does. If it seems intimidating because of societies insecurities about themselves does not mean that the gruff looking,mean looking biker is the enemy. Rather,the polished,cologne wearing,suit wearing,sweet talking,double speak politician may be a greater enemy to members of society than a biker could ever be. B.A.D. keep its self in perspective.

Although we support the ideal of most biker rights groups and associations our issue of biker discrimination is the ONLY ISSUE we are interested in. We believe that that issue will answer to the reason there are other issues affecting bikers and if we can attack the essential human cause we will weaken the other issues against the American Biker.

Call to Action

Thousands of American Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are discriminated against by business establishments and communities across the United States simply because they ride a motorcycle.  We lack protective legislation which describes bikers/motorcyclists civil and constitutional rights leaving the American Biker subject to unjust biases and social stigmas as well as aggressive harassment by police agencies.

More and more communities are passing restrictive laws against motorcycle riders as a way to bring in more money through unjust and improper fines.  MC’s and RC’s as entire organizations are unjustly targeted for the acts of one or two members and “bikers welcome” establishments suffer unfair scrutiny by local politicians who promote the discrimination of bikers in “grandstanding” efforts to garner support from their uninformed constituents..

B.A.D. will challenge the stereotype created by the “system” which does not recognize individual character and merit, and instead chooses to classify bikers in the category of criminal gangs!

To support our unique and effective work join as an Associate Member HERE!

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