Become A B.A.D. Member

Member Benefits:

B.A.D. investigates and advises on acts of discrimination against its associate members, provided that discrimination is based upon their involvement in the American Biker culture.  The scope of B.A.D.’s response to acts of discrimination against its members is evaluated by its Board on a case by case basis. B.A.D. reserves the right to limit or negate involvement should circumstances not warrant a full deployment of resources on a member’s behalf.

B.A.D.’s responses to acts of discrimination against its members include, but are not limited to the following:

Interaction with local media to drive public opinion in favor of its member and create awareness of the existence of discrimination locally.
Interaction with local law enforcement agencies or other discriminating body, to alert them to the existence of discrimination, and the potential public and legal ramifications of continued discrimination.
Advise and provide recommended personal course of action to member to drive the elimination of this discrimination.
B.A.D. also provides a monthly newsletter outlining cases across the nation, and gives members a national network of resources from which to draw ideas and support.

Associate Members will receive an informative quarterly newsletter provided they have signed up with their email address. The newsletter provides information and resources that are herein at


More membership benefits are forthcoming!

Scope of B.A.D.

B.A.D. supports many “Biker Rights” organizations, however, B.A.D. itself is NOT a Biker Rights organization in the typical sense. B.A.D. does not directly respond to legislative actions pertaining to helmet laws, exhaust noise, or other such “safety legislation”. B.A.D. focuses on the discriminatory acts of law enforcement, businesses, government entities, individuals, and media where such acts are driven by a member’s involvement in American Biker Culture, thus treating members as a lesser citizen and not on par with the general public simply because said member is a biker. B.A.D. also pursues legislation which promotes “culture” in the protective clause of its State Human Rights Laws for civil and constitutional protections of those in the American Biker Culture.

Membership: There are two forms of membership in B.A.D.

1) Honorary Membership given to members of the American Biker Culture who support the preservation of the culture and act as advisers to B.A.D.

2) Associate Members who provide yearly support of our work through donations to B.A.D. and/or volunteerism at events to assist B.A.D. in campaigns to protect and preserve the American Biker Culture.

*{NOTE: No member actively votes, controls or determines the direction of B.A.D. campaigns nor the appointment of any active participant in the Administrative Board of B.A.D.}

Card Carrying Members MAY Receive Benefits from venue’s and others who respect and support the work of B.A.D. and the preservation of the American Biker Culture.



Annual Membership in Bikers Against Discrimination is $20 per year.

Sign up today to protect your culture, lifestyle, and rights as an American Biker-Citizen!

To become an Associate Member and support our work for the American Biker Culture TAP HERE!

To be considered for Honorary Membership or Admin. Member please send request/bio to

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